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Organic Classic Tea

What you'll find within this category is quite simply good, organic and classic well known tea that brings a healthy simplistic delight to a cup with every sip. There is a difference between quality loose leaf tea - we're sure you'll appreciate it!
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    Bush Black Tea

    This little black tea with personality was born on a private farm, hidden within the rain-forests of northern NSW Australia. Boasting a medium bodied flavour with a touch of malt,...

    Decaf Ceylon Black Tea

    Our decaf tea range uses the best decaffeination methods available - named the CO2 decaf process. Firstly steamed leaves are placed within a container, whilst CO2 that has been pressurized removes...

    Decaffeinated Green Tea

    In contrast to our rather strong First Harvest Green Tea, we present you with our Decaffeinated Green Tea. A component of some of our night time blends with a familiar...

    Earl Grey Decaf

    Decaffeinated Earl Grey tea - for those that love the taste but don't want the buzz of caffeine. Within this tea, the caffeine has been removed using the more natural...

    Earl Grey Tea

    Most need no introduction to Earl Gray Tea, being one of the most popular teas in the world. Our variant is premium quality - you'll be able to tell the...

    English Breakfast Tea

    Being one of the most popular blended teas, English breakfast tea is extremely common within British and Australian tea life. Normally described as rich and full bodied, this tea goes...

    Green Tea First Harvest

    First harvest green tea is something special and prized within Japan, named ichibancha (first tea, 一番茶). The first not quite fully grown tea leaves of the year are removed by hand...

    Green Tea Roasted

    If you like green tea, you're going to adore this tea with a twist. It's simple yet beautifully roasted flavour adds to the well loved green tea but with a...

    Jasmine Tea

    For many, Jasmine Tea sits among Black, White, and Green tea as one of the all time classics. This tea is harvested in early spring time and stored until the...

    Lemongrass and Ginger Tea

    Lemongrass and Ginger Tea, an all time favourite that puts just the right balance of flavour into one cup. Apart from being incredibly healthy, good for digestion and caffeine free...

    Orange Pekoe Black Tea

    Also known as Camellia sinensis, please note that this is not orange flavoured tea! Sri Lanka is exceptionally famous for providing high grade black tea and we are proud to...

    White Peony Tea

    White Tea (Camellia sinensis) comes from the same leaves as green tea, but are harvested at a younger age. Considered more rare, this tea is more difficult to harvest than...


    Tea Life Reviews

    Our Feedback

    3369 reviews
    Relaxing and Delicious

    I go through periods where my sleep is patchy, this tea is so relaxing and tasty, I add the Valerian tea to the pot as well - has helped to improve sleep quality.

    Earthy flavour

    I like the deep earthy flavour of this tea. I drink it often, adding a little to my night time tea before bed.

    Love it

    I love this tea, I just like the flavour and bouquet it leaves. Sometimes I like to add a little honey.


    Good quality of tea,will purchase again

    Great Delivery

    Ta Life have a great range of organic teas to suit every occasion. You can buy with confidence with this company who have great customer service plus fast delivery.