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Health Tea Blends

All organic tea blends, created for you with purpose.
These blends have specially been created for you with organic ingredients while thinking of their functionality and a goal in mind. Our aim is to provide an easy, natural and safer way to stay healthy with our Health tea Blends.

We have tea blends for Sleeping, Relaxation, Energy, and even tea for Dreaming.
Explore our unique collections below and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
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    Bloating Remedy Tea

    Containing three well known anti-bloat herbs that harmoniously compliment each other within a cup, this tea blended at Tea Life is specifically created to help stop bloating and a range...

    Bush Billy Tea

    Black tea blended with Eucalyptus - a surprisingly and somewhat unexpectedly good combination that adds a twist to the one of the most popular teas in the world. If you...

    Chrysanthemum Blue Tea

    A delicate blend of refreshing flowers, sprinkled with special grade Jasmine tea leaves.With a Chrysanthemum flower base, we've mixed things up a bit by having Jasmine green tea as an...

    Clean Green Tea

    A beautiful mix of Green tea, Dandelion leaf, Peppermint, Calendula, Nettle & Varigated Thistle seed that all just work together so amazingly well. A special blend of ingredients specifically designed...

    Cold and Throat Tea

    A great little traditional cold and throat remedy tea that contains most organic herbs you'll be wanting to help get you back onto the path of wellness as soon as...

    Complexion Skin Tea

    As a teenager, my mother - upon seeing my spotty complexion decided to make me some 'complexion tea' for my skin. At first I was fairly reluctant, as any teenager...

    Cool Mint Green Tea

    A special blend of Green tea, Liquorice, Aniseed, Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle, Spearmint, & Lavender!You'll love the energizing taste of some of the most refreshing herbs known to man in this...

    Evening Mist Tea

    Blended with a delicate hint of Fennel & Lavender. A relaxing tea with the added benefits of the elderflower herb and a low caffeine premium black tea base! A great...

    Fertility Tea

    Our Fertility Tea is a blend created by the guiding hand history, containing herbs used since ancient times to increase fertility. Read below to find out more information on why we've...

    Fibromyalgia Tea

    We cautiously add Fibromyalgia tea to our range at Tea Life. We do stay away from specific claims in regards to more serious conditions here, but have found success for...

    Goodnight Sleeping Tea

    A wonderfully relaxing organic tea to finish up your day that can aid in both the ease and quality of sleep. Containing ingredients proven to help with bedtime, this sleep...

    Menstrual Relief Tea

    Our Menstrual Relief tea is a carefully blended mix of Ladys Mantle, Pau D’Arco, Chaste, Dandelion Root, and Dong Quai. A popular herbalist blend that aids with period pain, endometriosis and related...

    Night Wish Tea

    Night Wish Tea, for when you wish to just focus on the moment and have your attention on just two things - you and the wonderful fragrance of your tea.Minty...

    Nurture Green Tea

    A masterful blend of Green tea, Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus, Melissa, Ginkgo & Cinnamon that energizes with ginseng and restores with Cinnamon. A clean, organic, and memorable tea thats bursting with the goodness...

    Pregnancy Nourishing Tea

    Our Pregnancy Tea contains Nettle, Rose, Peppermint, Chamomile, Melissa (Lemon Balm) and Raspberry Leaf - all known to be nourishing in ways that are beneficial during pregnancy. The star of...

    Relaxing Floral Green Tea

    A perfect blend of floral and herb with Australian Green tea, Jasmine, Chamomile, Lavender, and Rose petals.What you'll first notice is the delicate floral smell combined with organic green tea....

    Relaxing Lavender Blue Tea

    Containing a Lavender base, St Johns Wart, Blue Peaflower and Damiana - this is one strong relaxation blend! Damiana is our go-to recommendation for stress relief, and we've combined it...

    Sarsaparilla Dreaming Tea

    Sarsaparilla dreaming tea contains Black tea, Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon, Liquorice, Star Anise, Rose petals & Lavender. With just the right balance of ingredients needed to create a tea that both excites and...

    Sencha Floral

    This simple Sencha Floral tea is the perfect companion for someone that loves the simple beauty of the taste of Sencha but wishes to experience something new.Sencha, Rose and Calendula...

    Sencha Sweet Selections Tea

    This divine Sencha Tea blend brings a rather complex yet delicate flavour composed of Sencha, Passionfruit Flowers, Marigold, Pineapple Pieces, Sunflower Blossoms, Chamomile, Mallow, and Rose Petal. A masterpiece of...

    Shades of Grey Tea

    Blended with Bergamot and Lemon Thyme contains everything you'll need to protect yourself and fight against sore throats, coughs, headaches, and mild infections.Two of our most potent herbs for the above...

    Sore Throat and Lung Recovery Tea

    A blend created by Naturopath Christine Barnes of organic ingredients targeting throat recovery all the way down to the lungs containing... Elecampane - A warming herbal tonic for the lungs.Mullein -...

    Spiced Citrus Green Tea

    Spiced Citrus Green Tea contains Australian Green Tea, Ginger, Lemon Grass, Lemon Myrtle, Safflower and Stevia. Packed full of vitamin C and with a tangy fresh taste you're going to love.One...

    Spiced Wattle Seed Tea

    For a full depth and original flavour, try our blend of Roasted Wattle seed, Hawthorn berries, Chicory, Chick pea, Liquorice, Ginger & Cinnamon that we like to call Spiced Wattle Seed...

    Stress Zapper Tea

    Stress Zapper Tea is based on a popular blend from America that skillfully combines a wide array of various herbs with a theme of rest and relaxation.Finished off with Stevia...

    Tulsi Ginger Tea

    Rama Tulsi Ginger tea is a traditional Indian blend that combines the sweet and zesty for a very interesting mix that is slightly reminiscent of the Chai teas they are...

    Unwind Tea

    Unwind is a relaxing blend of carefully chosen ingredients that will push your worries of the day out the door that also doubles up as a good after meal tea...

    Zesty Lemon Blue Tea

    A proud member of our blue tea blend range, Zesty Lemon Blue will give your taste-buds a lemony treat with Lemon Myrtle, Lemongrass, and Blue Peaflower for added style. A...


    Tea Life Reviews

    Our Feedback

    3369 reviews
    Relaxing and Delicious

    I go through periods where my sleep is patchy, this tea is so relaxing and tasty, I add the Valerian tea to the pot as well - has helped to improve sleep quality.

    Earthy flavour

    I like the deep earthy flavour of this tea. I drink it often, adding a little to my night time tea before bed.

    Love it

    I love this tea, I just like the flavour and bouquet it leaves. Sometimes I like to add a little honey.


    Good quality of tea,will purchase again

    Great Delivery

    Ta Life have a great range of organic teas to suit every occasion. You can buy with confidence with this company who have great customer service plus fast delivery.