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Herbal Tea has been used since ancient times throughout the world as the most direct link with nature for healing purposes. If there is a condition within the human body, chances are there's a Herbal Tea with the right natural compounds wondrously suited to treating it. Conditions such as inflammation, lack of sleep, digestion, cramps, and skin improvement all have their own specific Herbal Teas known to alleviate or cure symptoms.
Use the menus to narrow down your search based on area of the body, or the mind to find classic herbal teas such as Chamomile Tea for relaxation, or Valerian Root Tea for Anxiety.
    Many of our Herbal Teas online are Organic and packed in Australia, and quite simply the most potent and highest quality you'll find.
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    Astragalus Tea
    From $7.95
    Bee Balm Tea
    From $9.95
    Essiac Tea
    From $8.70
    Ginger Tea
    From $7.45
    Ginkgo Tea
    From $7.95
    Gotu Kola Tea
    From $7.95
    Lemon Myrtle Tea
    From $11.95
    Marigold Tea
    From $7.95
    Pau D'Arco Tea
    From $7.95
    Rosehips Tea
    From $7.95
    Turmeric Tea
    From $9.95
    Yerba Mate Tea
    From $7.95
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    Lychee tea

    Fast service

    A+ A10

    Fantastic product the best service & communication ive had in years and I cannot recommend this product and company to highly

    Hi David, wow thank you. We always do our best.
    Okay, I’m convinced!

    Reading through the reviews of the Cacao Chocolate Husk Tea I thought “well, maybe it’s vaguely chocolatey in taste, but these are the opinions of tea drinkers, not hard core chocolate drinkers such as me”. Still, curiosity saw me ordering the small 40g pack which arrived with other tea varieties I decided to sample. It’s been almost a fortnight since I received the Cacoa Tea and this morning I actually got around to opening the packet. I followed the suggestion about crushing the husks before steeping for 7 minutes and cautiously took a sip... Wow! Everything that other reviewers have posted is true! So here I am, back on the Tealife site, nursing my second cup of Cacao Tea and ordering the 160g packet...

    Hi Liz, wow thank you I love this review :) We're reallllly hoping to get the price down this year further. It's always a bit of a pricey tea but we'll do our best.

    Rosehips Tea

    Inner Happiness Blooming Flower Tea