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Herbal Tea has been used since ancient times throughout the world as the most direct link with nature for healing purposes. If there is a condition within the human body, chances are there's a Herbal Tea with the right natural compounds wondrously suited to treating it. Conditions such as inflammation, lack of sleep, digestion, cramps, and skin improvement all have their own specific Herbal Teas known to alleviate or cure symptoms.

Use the menus to narrow down your search based on area of the body, or the mind to find classic herbal teas such as Chamomile Tea for relaxation, or Valerian Root Tea for Anxiety.

Many of our Herbal Teas online are Organic and packed in Australia, and quite simply the most potent and highest quality you'll find. Have a question? Click the 'ask a question' button within a tea page and we'll get right back to you more

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    Agrimony Tea

    The Agrimony plant, otherwise known as 'Agrimonia eupatoria' has been used since ancient times to help heal various ailments. The very name of this plant comes from the Greek word...

    Alfalfa Tea

    Alfalfa is also known scientifically as Medicago sativa. Naturally high in a whole range of minerals and vitamins which include vitamin A, D, E and K (which can help with Hemorrhoids).Along with...

    Aloe Vera Leaf Tea

    Aloe Vera Leaf (Aloe Barbadensis) Tea is the leaf portion of the plant which has properties ranging from skin health to digestion. For more information on this superfood, please see our...

    Angelica Tea

    Sometimes referred to by the Chinese as 'Female Ginseng' and known scientifically as 'Angelica archangelica', this herb is used to treat a whole range of problems such as PMS, menopause, and cramps for...

    Astragalus Root Tea

    Much study has been done on the Astragalus plant, also known as Astragalus membranace - with it's remarkable qualities in being able to restore suppressed immune systems, and can therefore be...

    Bacopa Tea

    The Bacopa monnieri herb (also known as Brahmi) has some interesting properties as studies have shown that the active compounds within, known as bacosides, can help regenerate brain tissue and...

    Bael Fruit Tea

    Bael (Aegle marmelos L), also known as Japanese Bitter Orange, Stone Apple, and Wood Apple -  is an extremely popular sweet drink in both India and Thailand that is great...

    Bamboo Leaf Tea

    The star of the show in Bamboo Leaf Tea (Bambusoideae) is silica, and with Bamboo Leaf being one of the most popular forms of consumption of silica due to the...

    Basil Tea

    Basil (Ocimum sanctum) is also known as the Tulsi herb. Known firstly as an anti-depressant, this herb speaks to the adrenal cortex, which in turn prompts the body to regulate the...

    Bee Balm Tea

    Also known as Bergamot, and Monarda didyma - this herb is quite famous among native Americans for being a natural stimulant, along with being able to treat mouth and throat...

    Blessed Thistle Tea

    Blessed Thistle tea is also known as Cnicus benedictus and has quite a lot of benefits. These include being used for loss of appetite and indigestion, helping reduce the severity of...

    Blue Butterfly Peaflower Tea

    Having enjoyed huge popularity in Asia for some time now, this Peaflower tea with a difference is slowly making it's way to western countries and mesmerizing whole new audiences with it's...

    Blue Lotus Flower Tea

    Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is one special flower, also sometimes named 'Egyptian Lotus, Sacred water lotus, Blue Lotus Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Sacred Water Lily' - has a long history in Egypt as a...

    Burdock Root Tea

    The Burdock herb goes by a few other names such as Arctium lappa, beggar's buttons, love leaves, clot-bur.Herbalists will often use it for aiding ailments such as sore throat, the...

    Butchers Broom Root Tea

    Butchers Broom Root (Ruscus aculeatus L) is also known as Knee Holly, Sweet Broom, Box Holly and Jew's Mantle. This has been used as a remedy for a number of ailments...

    Catnip Tea

    You thought Catnip (Nepeta cataria) was just for cats? Wrong!Nepetalactone is an active ingredient in Catnip that has a calming and relaxing effect on animals of the human species too....

    Cats Claw Tea

    Cats Claw, also known as Uncaria tomentosa - is a digestive herb/bark that can even help to fight the debilitating Crohns Disease.People will commonly use Cats Claw to aid with Arthritis, allergies, asthma,...

    Chamomile Tea

    Did you know Chamomile is also called Matricaria recutita? Extremely well known for relaxing and calming effects on the body, this tea is usually a go-to drink for stress and...

    Chaparral Tea

    Chaparral is an interesting herb, also known as greasewood or creosote bush. Native to Mexico and southwest USA and contains a very unique desert type of scent, along with containing a...

    Chaste Tea

    Also known as Chaste Berry, this herb has some rather unusual and interesting properties!During roman times, this herb was spread across the bed-sheets by husbands due to go abroad. The...

    Chickweed Tea

    Stellaria media is the other name for Chickweed tea, which has benefits ranging from weight loss to pain relief. Being a natural diuretic, this tea can help flush out fat...

    Chicory Root Roasted Tea

    Cichorium intybus, or Chicory tea - is known as a blood purifier due to being rich in vitamins A, C, B, K and P. This is the roasted root variety,...

    Chrysanthemum Blue Tea

    A delicate blend of refreshing flowers, sprinkled with special grade Jasmine tea leaves.With a Chrysanthemum flower base, we've mixed things up a bit by having Jasmine green tea as an...

    Chrysanthemum Golden Flower Tea

    This is a special highest quality version of Chrysanthemum that we like to call 'Golden Chrysanthemum' due to its bright and pure yellow colour.In other countries, these are normally sold...

    Chrysanthemum Tea

    Deriving its name from the greek words of 'flower' and 'gold, Chrysanthemum is a very old and well known plant that has some great benefits along with tasting nice too!...

    Cleavers Tea

    Galium aparine, otherwise known as Cleavers tea - is a great blood purifier, with results seen in aiding arthritis and psoriasis. A pretty useful and popular herb also used in...

    Clove Tea

    With a sweet and sharp flavour, clove is one of the stronger tasting herbal teas that come from the evergreen clove tree. A commonly used ingredient in many Chinese and Ayurveda...

    Coffee Fruit Tea

    Coffee Fruit Tea (Coffea Arabica) also known as 'Cascara' is a new and rare addition to Tea Life that is potent, pure, and a sustainable source of antioxidants. A very...

    Coriander Tea

    Our Coriander tea (Coriandum sativum) is fresh, super green, and specifically grown and prepared for tea drinking with medium cut leaves that are just the right size to both preserve...

    Corn Silk Tea

    Containing Stigmasterol and Sitosterol, these two compounds are known as the two main benefits of drinking Corn Silk Tea and can help to prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol. Certain...

    Damiana Tea

    Damiana Tea (Turnera diffusa) is known as a libido enhancing herb for both males and females and has been used as such for centuries by Mayan and Mexican cultures. Damiana...

    Dandelion Leaf Tea

    Dandelion Leaf, much like its root counterpart - is good for the liver and may help to suppress fat accumulation within that organ of the body. Compounds within this herb include...

    Dandelion Root Roasted Tea

    Dandelion Tea  Hand Roasted in-house!Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is widely used to maintain proper liver function, which comes in handy if you're using prescription medication which has side effects involving the...

    Dandelion Root Unroasted Tea

    This is the unroasted counterpart to our extremely popular Roasted Dandelion Root Tea. In regards to benefits, we'd actually choose unroasted over the roasted variety as unroasted is a little...

    Devils Claw Tea

    Devils Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) also known as grapple plant and wood spider, is native to the South African region and named so due to the unusual claw like appearance of the hooked...

    Dong Quai Root Tea

    Sometimes called 'female Ginseng', Dong Quai Root is an old herb that has been in use throughout Asia for over 2000 years. A reduction in menopausal symptoms have been continuously...

    Echinacea Leaf Tea

    Our leaf and root mix of Echinacea is the younger brother of our powerful root tea found here. Although not as potent, it still possesses the same health qualities as...

    Echinacea Root Tea

    You'll want to have some Echinacea root (Echinacea purpurea) around during the cold and flu season because this herb is known for having good cold/flu preventative properties. Please note that...

    ElderFlower Tea

    ElderFlower (Sambucus nigra) is actually quite a strong herb that we'd advise against drinking in excessive quantities and stick to one cup a day.However with this strength, comes some interesting...

    Elecampane Root Tea

    Elecampane (Inula helenium) is a root that has strong respiratory benefits. In fact, during the 1800's most cough candy and lozenges were made from Elecampane.Long used against bronchitis and asthma...

    Essiac Tea

    Way back in the 1920s, some rumors started to circulate from within the forests of Ontario Canada about a tea that can help fight against certain conditions. A nurse going...

    Eucalyptus Tea

    Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus). This being an Australian company and you most likely being within Australia, you're going to know about this plant. But did you know it's health benefits?Research has...

    Eyebright Tea

    Eyebright (Euphrasia Officinalis) is, as the name implies, beneficial to the eyes for a range of ailments such as cataracts, ophthalmia ( inflammation of the eye), weeping eye, blepharitis (inflammation of...

    Fennel Tea

    Fennel Tea (Foeniculum vulgare) is a useful breast enlargement herb as it stimulates the production of prolactin which in turn promotes breast tissue growth, with some patience over time of...

    Fenugreek Tea

    Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-grae) is another herb that can promote breast tissue growth as it contains estrogens which copy your bodys own estrogens and allow breasts to grow larger. Occasionally used...

    Feverfew Tea

    With Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) you can almost guess what this tea is for! This herb is great for preventing arthritis, muscle tension, migraines, headaches, migraines and fevers. Also interestingly, Feverfew treats...

    Frankincense Tea

    Frankincense - the original gift to baby Jesus! Used since ancient times as tea and oil for a wide range of purposes such as aphrodisiac, brain function, cough, colds, and...

    Ginger Tea

    During the cold Winter season, there's nothing quite like a hot cup of Ginger Tea! Containing vitamin C, magnesium and a wide range of other minerals, this tea helps to...

    Ginger Turmeric with Pepper Tea

    Ginger and Turmeric blended with Black pepper. While tasting great, there's also a reason for this very specific combination. Somehow, and I would love to see the trial and error...

    Ginkgo Tea

    Ginko Tea (Ginkgo biloba) is also known as Maidenhair and has been traced back nearly 300 million years - making it the oldest surviving tree species on earth.The Chinese have...