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The Scent of Asia Tea Collection

The rich history of tea in Asia is unparalleled, and influences many facets of culture within China, Taiwan, Japan and many other eastern countries. Each tea often has its own orign story, based in fantastic mythology often taking place thousands of years ago which have survived to this very day.

Below we have a selection of our top picks for teas normally found in Asia and placed them in a new category called 'Scent of Asia'. We hope you enjoy it! If you'd like to see our farms and where these particular teas come from, please visit our post 'The origin stories of Chinese Tea' that also covers the mythology surrounding some of the most popular teas from Asia such as Oolong and Pu'er.

This range is always being updated, so check back from time to time to see what's new!

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    Buddhas Tears

    Buddhas Tears (Jasmine Pearls, Dragon Pearls) is known as a premium tea that gives off the most exquisite jasmine aromas. Watch the balls uncurl over time, with only around 5...

    Ginseng Tea

    Ginseng has a few different variants, with ours being Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus sentic).This herb is good at maintaining good heath, rather than treating bad health.Ginseng helps to provide resistance against...

    Chrysanthemum Tea

    Deriving its name from the greek words of 'flower' and 'gold, Chrysanthemum is a very old and well known plant that has some great benefits along with tasting nice too!...

    Oolong Iron Goddess

    Iron Goddess is known as a premium Chinese tea that can also be called 'Tie guan yin' and was first seen in the early 19th century within the Fujian province in China. Named...

    Matcha Tea

    The ever popular Matcha Tea is now available to buy online at Tea Life! Matcha Tea has taken the world by storm due to it's numerous health benefits listed below....

    Lapsang Souchong Tea

    This is our highly recommended extra smokey blend! For an alternate version of our Lapsang please see our second blend here. The Wuyi region of the Fujian province in China...

    Jasmine Green Tea Blend

    Our Jasmine and Green tea blend pairs two of the most popular types of teas together to bring a unique taste that brings the best of both worlds. Jasmine is...

    Silver Needle White Tea

    Did you know Silver Needle Tea (also known as White Hair Silver Needle and Bai Hao Yin Zhen 白毫银针) is only harvested two days of the year and contains only the...

    White Peony Tea

    White Tea (Camellia sinensis) comes from the same leaves as green tea, but are harvested at a younger age. Considered more rare, this tea is more difficult to harvest than...

    Genmaicha Tea

    A savory traditional Japanese tea containing Australian grown loose leaf green tea and roasted brown rice. A slightly yellow colour adorns your cup as roasted brown rice finds its way...

    Jasmine Flower Bud Tea

    With a familiar fragrance, these Jasmine buds offer a delicate taste that are more than suitable for combining with other types of tea. Having been used to scent tea for...

    Jasmine Tea

    For many, Jasmine Tea sits among Black, White, and Green tea as one of the all time classics. This tea is harvested in early spring time and stored until the...

    Sencha Sweet Selections Tea

    This divine Sencha Tea blend brings a rather complex yet delicate flavour composed of Sencha, Passionfruit Flowers, Marigold, Pineapple Pieces, Sunflower Blossoms, Chamomile, Mallow, and Rose Petal. A masterpiece of...

    Mango Drops Infused Blooming Flower Tea

    Mango Drops - part of our new fruit infused blooming tea range, is sure to be a hit with friends and family. Contains Green Tea and then the visual trifecta...

    Chrysanthemum Lychee Blooming Flower Tea

    We chose to simply name this blooming flower tea 'Chrysanthemum Lychee' just to show off exactly what this wonderful combination contains! A simple bright yellow on every ball hints at...

    Inner Happiness Blooming Flower Tea

    Our Inner Happiness blooming tea represents just that. Watch as a flower slowly blooms from within a flower in striking orange and yellow.Get your camera ready, because you'll be wanting...

    Ginseng Oolong Tea

    This rather healthy and unique Oolong tea (also known as Ren Shen Oolong) with an unusual appearance combines Ginseng and hand rolled Oolong into a new creation that's becoming immensely popular...

    Lychee Paradise Infused Blooming Flower Tea

    Prepare your sense of sight and taste because you've found our Lychee flavoured Blooming Tea! A true lychee flavour naturally infused with the beauty of quality blooming flowers. We'd be...

    Triple Surprise Blooming Flower Tea

    Three flowers combine to bring a big surprise in a small ball. Watch as three beautifully distinct flowers and colours impossibly emerge from this blooming flower tea. We recommend a...

    Peach Pleasures Infused Blooming Flower Tea

    The perfect flavour of Peach infused with the beauty of Blooming Tea.Green Tea, Globe Amaranth, Jasmine and Peach join forces to bring an unforgettable experience for friends and family as...

    Silver Moon White Tea

    White Tea (Camellia sinensis) comes from the same leaves as green tea, but are harvested at a younger age. This Silver Moon Tea is a modern take on the famous...

    Midday Sun Blooming Flower Tea

    This blooming flower tea hides a lily at its center - waiting to bloom into an orange reminiscent of the midday sun with a striking red globe amaranth at its...

    Chrysanthemum Golden Flower Tea

    This is a special highest quality version of Chrysanthemum that we like to call 'Golden Chrysanthemum' due to its bright and pure yellow colour.In other countries, these are normally sold...

    Jasmine Jade Butterfly Tea

    This is it! Jasmine Jade Butterfly tea. A relative of our extremely popular Buddhas Tears, Jasmine Jade will absolutely entrance you with both its wonderful Jasmine scent and unforgettable taste....

    Sencha Tea

    Sencha Tea (Camellia sinensis) comprises 80 percent of the total tea made in Japan. Harvested from the top leaves of plants that have been grown in full sunlight, Sencha is...

    Orange Dusk Blooming Flower Tea

    Orange Dusk contains a large orange flower bloom as the centerpiece of this blooming tea. Relaxing and with a fragrant high quality silver needle base that will leave you wanting...

    Milk Oolong Tea

    Milk Oolong (金萱, Jin Xuan which means 'Golden Lily') has an easy, flowery, creamy and smooth taste that was developed in the 1980's and is strongly recommended as a starter for...

    Royal Pu'er Tea

    A dark red brew seeps into the water as a malty wood aroma escapes your cup. This is an excellent Pu'er variation that goes by the name of 'Royal Pu'er'...

    Da Hong Pao Tea

    Da Hong Pao (translated Big Red Robe 大紅袍 ) is a heavily oxidized tea that falls within the Oolong family. Even at a glance one can tell this tea is dark...

    Jasmine Dreams Blooming Flower Tea

    If you like jasmine, this blooming tea could be for you. Coupled with lily, which will delicately flower atop of the slowly opening silver needle leaves.A simple, elegant and beautiful...

    Loving Twins Blooming Flower Tea

    Loving twins represents the bond of love in a unique heart shaped blooming flower tea.Dual flowers slowly emerge to display a powerful beauty that you'll want to catch in your...

    Morning Red Blooming Flower Tea

    Morning Red is a splendid combination of three flower types around a premium silver needle base. Circled with red marigold, with each containing a globe amaranth tip to finish off...

    Marigold Magic Blooming Flower Tea

    This blooming tea is tipped with globe amaranth and humbly masks the marigold contained within - not to mention the scent of jasmine infused silver needle. An unassuming looking blooming...

    Wild Pu'er Tea

    Pu'er is made from a larged leaf plant named Camellia Sinensis and with this Wild Pu'er variety made from small compressed chunks that are designed for both easier brewing yet...

    Apple Delight Infused Blooming Flower Tea

    Apple delight is a part of our naturally fruit infused blooming flower tea collection that will stun your sense of sight, smell and taste. A Tea Life exclusive that grows...

    Gunpowder Green Tea

    Gunpowder Green Tea contains every leaf being rolled into small pellets, resembling small grains of gunpowder. In the creation of this interesting tea, the leaves are withered, then steamed, rolled...

    Sencha Floral

    This simple Sencha Floral tea is the perfect companion for someone that loves the simple beauty of the taste of Sencha but wishes to experience something new.Sencha, Rose and Calendula...

    Benshan Oolong Tea

    Light and crisp, our Benshan Oolong (translates to Source Mountain 本山) is a famous easy to drink tea that grows within our farms in the Fujian province.Transforming your water into...

    Lapsang Souchong Tea Second Blend

    Our second blend of Lapsang Souchong is a special treat that may bring an unexpected yet familiar taste to those experienced with Lapsang Souchong. A slightly less smokey flavour with...


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    Relaxing and Delicious

    I go through periods where my sleep is patchy, this tea is so relaxing and tasty, I add the Valerian tea to the pot as well - has helped to improve sleep quality.

    Earthy flavour

    I like the deep earthy flavour of this tea. I drink it often, adding a little to my night time tea before bed.

    Love it

    I love this tea, I just like the flavour and bouquet it leaves. Sometimes I like to add a little honey.


    Good quality of tea,will purchase again

    Great Delivery

    Ta Life have a great range of organic teas to suit every occasion. You can buy with confidence with this company who have great customer service plus fast delivery.