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Tasty Tea Blends

Tea offers so many possibilities, with near unlimited opportunity for creation. Here are our most creative and imaginative blends - purely for fun and taste.
If you want to impress at a gathering with exotic teas or just want to try something a little different - this is the section of our website for you! Still made with organic produce, choose a healthier lifestyle with our exotic tea blends.
Cool down in Summer with Pina Colada, all it takes is just a few teaspoons in cold water to create an amazing and refreshing sugar free tea beverage.
Warm up in Winter or a rainy day with Hot Chilli Chocolate, guaranteed to keep you snug as a rug!

Just $2 shipping Australia wide for 80 grams, and free fast shipping for all orders over $60.
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Tea Life Reviews

Our Feedback

1845 reviews
The best service and pure herbal tea

The service and information for each tea is excellent .

My fav tea ❤... feel like drink a candy.. and I love the packaging... thank you tealife for made my day with this tea..

Hi Tania, thanks for your review! This one is fairly sweet - and one that's perfect for iced tea too. In Asia it's normally used that way.
Very Happy!

I’m really happy with tea, I’m quite fussy when it comes to the jasmine blends. This is one of the best I’ve had. 👍

Hi Prema, thanks so much for your review! I really like this one so I've shared it to our Facebook Page :)
Chamomile tea

This tea is fantastic for sleeping and it's dried to perfection

White peony tea

I hate tea! Until now. This tea is great and is as far from that disgusting black stuff as you can get. Mix this white tea with the clean green tea, it is Gnarly!