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We're picky with our cups and teapots. Here you'll find only unique, quality and highly functional glass cups, teapots and a whole other range of accessories all tea related. This range will continue to grow over time as we search the globe for the best cups we can find.

We particularly love our dual layer glass cup range! Easy to hold, beautiful and never gets hot - even with boiling water.

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    Easy Life Round Cork Jar

    We really love this Jar. Use one hand to easily open this jar that protects just as well as a regular lid will, but with oh so much more style....

    Genie Teapot

    We've named this the 'Genie Teapot' because it can do everything!The Genie Teapot will fulfill your three wishes with an internal strainer, 3 cups included, and an optional tealight candle...

    Icy Tall Glass Jug

    The Icy Tall Glass Jug comes with a great capacity, spacious handle and best of all: an inbuilt metallic strainer. This means you can place tea directly within this jug,...

    Little Heart Dual Glass Cup

    Our Little Heart Cup is around the size of a Japanese tea cup and features an elegant double walled design - along with a heart shaped bottom visible from both...

    Metal Hat Cup with Lid and Strainer all in One

    Our Metal Hat cup is suited towards those that wish for the functionality of our top hat cup, but with a more sturdy metal design.Included is a lid hat to...

    Modern Metal Infuser Glass Teapot

    A great long lasting modern style teapot that comes with its very own internal tea strainer. Generous handle space for ease of pouring and a round design thats easy on...

    Portable Three Cup Glass with Strainer

    Featuring three cups with one acting as a lid, a protective rubber outside, inbuilt removable strainer and last but not least - its own zip carry case! The ultimate in...

    Tea Bags Empty Organic 100 Pack

    They're cute, easy, portable, extremely eco friendly and unbleached wood pulp paper drawsting empty tea bags! The perfect accessory to any type of tea that won't affect flavour or put...

    Top Hat Dual Glass Cup with Lid and Strainer all in One

    Our Top Hat cup comes with everything you need and makes your tea life that little bit more convenient!Featuring a double wall glass layer that protects the hands from heat,...

    Top Hat Teapot

    We've named this the 'Top Hat Teapot' as a close relative of our popular Top Hat Cup! An elegant all in one solution to all tea worries that includes an...

    Turkish Style Double Wall Glass Cup

    Our Turkish Style Double Wall Glass Cup is fashioned from the elegant Turkish way of drinking, normally used for coffee. Suitable for all types of beverages, and available both with and...

    Windproof Tealight Teapot Heater

    Sick of your teapot getting cold before you're even done? Windproof Tealight Teapot Heater may be the answer you've been looking for. Sometimes found in upscale restaurants or cafes, but now...

    Woody Handblown Stackable Storage Jar

    We love these. A compact storage solution for most anything commonly found in the kitchen (and tea!) such as herbs, spices, salt and sugar. Pick up the second and third...

    Woody Handmade Dual Glass Cup with Bamboo Lid

    Handmade double walled glass cup with a tightly sealed bamboo lid that we like to call the woody cup. This lid is so secure and airtight that you can hold...