Golden Turmeric Latte

Tea Description
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Turmeric has a myriad of health benefits, and Tea Life is bringing it to you in yummy latte form. Coconut and spices are added to enhance the flavour, creating harmony, balance and a wonderfully deep flavour that not only tastes amazing but is very healthy too - containing the power of the popular Turmeric plant. One of the healthiest yet best tasting drinks you'll come across this year, and with no added sugar.

Contains Organic Turmeric Powder blended with Organic Ginger, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Liquorice, Organic Coconut and a hint of Ground Black Pepper.

  • Low GI
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • GMO Free
  • No Fillers or Additives
  • From Certified Organic Suppliers

    How to brew

    1. Add 1 teaspoon (about 3 grams) to boiling hot water.
    2. Stir well. Best with hot milk (coconut milk goes very well!), but this is optional.
    3. Enjoy then and there, or store in thermos to have an incredibly healthy drink on the go!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Amazing Service

    First time I have used Tea Life and couldn't be happier. Customer Service was amazing and instant. Delivery was next day and the teas are divine.

    Hi Vicki, Thanks so much for your amazing review, much appreciated! We'll ususally send orders on the same day as the order is made (though this is admittedly getting harder as we get busier). - Toby
    Beautiful latte

    The Golden Tumeric Latte is a great mid morning or late evening drink, it is my liquid dessert. I have shared it with some of my work friends and they are as rapt as I am

    Hi Maureen, thank you - it is quite a different and strong, yet somehow relaxing drink that's extremely healthy. We've only had this latte up for awhile now but it's going well. Thanks alot for your review!
    Golden Turmeric Latte

    After some tweaking I enjoy my Golden Tumeric Latte with a tsp of Cacao and Honey on Coconut Mile - Lovely.I also should add your service is excellent I had my order within a few days and also FB Messaged the response was instant I will definitely be ordering a few of your latte’ blends.

    Great to see someone so passionate about tea love it.

    Hi Leanne, this latte definitely needs tweaking for personal taste as it really is quite a strong tea. If one hasn't tried Turmeric before, they might actually be in for a shock too! I'm glad you were able to find what works for you though, and thanks for your feedback as it may help others too.
    Delicious tea and great service!

    I love this Tumeric Latte blend it's delicious with coconut milk, very satisfying! The service was so great I received my order within 2 days. Can't recommend enough :)

    Hi Abby, Thanks a lot for your review. This is a fairly new range so we've been especially wanting feedback on these Tea Lattes! The Tumeric one is not for everyone and can be strong but if it's not - you'll definitely love it. Thanks again.

    Why buy online with Tea Life? What sets it apart?
    We're not just another tea brand.
    We focus on Australian grown and organic tea wherever possible.
    Why organic and Australian?

    • Quality: Australian standards impose strict quality control on tea made within Australia.
    • Freshness: We only pack our tea upon your order. Until that time, it's kept within the bulk of the loose leaf tea. This dramatically increases freshness and taste.
    • Health: The full remedial powers, taste and aroma of our tea are unlocked due to our organic and fresh Australian produce.
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    • For Express, the cut off shipping time is 6pm for Australia Post. We of course need time to pick and pack too! So in general - the earlier an order is placed, the easier it will be for us to make that cut off time. Express delivery orders are always given priority. In the event we don't have stock of that tea when express post is used, you will be refunded $2 to take the order back down to 3 day shipping - but an express shipping bag will still be used once back in stock.
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    Our Guarantea to you,
    is that we never want you to be blue.
    We'll always do our very best,
    To make sure we pass your test.

    If one of our teas is not as described, we'll refund that tea. Quality is very important to us.

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    Questions about our organic tea ranges?

    Send us an e-mail on our contact form or call 04 8181 8833.
    Tea Life is an Australian owned company using Australian products and based in Hurstville, Sydney. Please bear in mind that we are online only at this point, with a retail shop opening up some time in the future.

    Questions, feedback and comments are most welcome!

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    Great high quality hibiscus tea

    Loved the service and quick response and delivery. The product was high quality and fresh. Definitely reorder again from tea life.

    Hi Eun Joung, thank you for your review and do hope to see you again soon!
    Turmeric tea

    Very nice

    Essiac tea in Australia

    This is a fantastic version of the essiac tea that I have been purchasing from Canada. The only difference is that for the same amount Tea Life dri organic essiac tea, I can make double (2 1-litre bottles) the Canadian version with what I believe is the same potency.
    Great product and quick and reliable delivery.
    Will be back for more.

    Hi Elsie - thanks for your amazing review, I was hoping someone would leave one like this! If you make another order please place which 40g tea you'd like in the 'notes' section and I'll include that for free. - Toby
    Spearmint Tea

    My order was super quick & just what I was looking for, had been so hard to find pure spearmint before!

    Thank you BB, actually I'd agree with you there - I haven't seen pure spearmint around much myself either!
    Very responsive and reliable

    The tea was delivered quickly.
    The communications were quick and reliable.

    Hi Michela thanks for your review! In response to the tins suggestion, it's something we have thought about - but the cost difference is quite higher than what we're using now. We'd much prefer to keep the costs of our tea down as much as possible and not pass that packaging cost on to our customers! The other benefit of our packaging is that we can make it thin enough to offer the $2 shipping option (we're the only tea website in Australia able to do this or moreso - willing to risk it!). Which is great if you just wish to buy a 1-2 types of tea without having to pay high shipping costs.