Tea Life for Retail

We know that three things are important in a retail environment.

The right price, quality, and packaging.

Tea Life offers all three, with meticulous levels of care and pride.
Our ordering systems are easy to use. We're easily contactable at any time and will work with you to ensure you have as good an experience with us as our end customers do.

Detailed brochures, any and all information about our product can be provided at a moments notice and with same day shipping directly to you.

Contact us on the form within this page to learn more about what we have on offer to retailers across Australia.

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142 reviews
most refreshing green tea

Fantastic green tea, delicate, non bitter and refreshing. Finally a green that doesn't get bitter when left to brew beyond the recommended time of 1-3 minutes. The add of the medicinal herbs makes it a nice aid in liver detoxification, digestion and overall GI tract soother. Fantastic.

Sweet and Calming

This is truely one tea to indulge in, your tastebuds will cry for more.....a lovely, calming tea.

Full of Intensity

If you want to experience a robust tea with a tangy ending then this is the one for you.

Nice and Mellow

This Matcha Tea has wonderful depth, followed by a mellow sweetness.

love love love

fantastic product and very quick delivery