At our company, we prioritise your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. This legislation promotes and safeguards the privacy of individuals, regulating how Australian government agencies and organisations handle personal information. Here are the key points relevant to your data collection and opt-out rights:

  1. Data Collection: We collect personal information only when reasonably necessary for our work. This ensures that we respect your privacy while enhancing your experience on our website.
  2. Third-Party Sharing: Occasionally, we share this information with advertising partners to tailor ads based on your interests. However, we do so in compliance with privacy laws.
  3. Opt-Out Rights: Under the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), you have the right to opt out of targeted advertising activities. If you wish to exercise this right, follow the instructions below.
  4. Global Privacy Control: If you visit our website with the Global Privacy Control opt-out preference enabled, we’ll treat it as a request to opt out of any potential “sales” or “sharing” of personal information related to targeted advertising for the specific device and browser you used.

Instructions for Opting Out:

  1. Review our Privacy Policy to understand how we handle your data.
  2. If you wish to opt out, follow the procedures outlined in our policy.
  3. Consider enabling the Global Privacy Control feature in your browser settings.

Your privacy matters to us, and we’re committed to transparent practices that align with Australian privacy laws.