Premium Tea Guarantee

We'd be surprised if you can't tell the difference between our tea and regular, cheaper bagged tea. That's why we guarantee you'll be satisfied with the taste and offer free returns of any tea product within 3 days of receiving it. In the event of this extremely rare occurrence all we ask is for your honest feedback!

  • Free returns in exchange for your feedback
  • This may not apply to certain herbal teas that are known for their benefits rather than their taste
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Great tea

Great tea


Good flavour and great value

Thank you

Great service guys, many thanks

Thankyou Marina!
Lovely flavour

Lovely flavoured tea.
I really like the coffee taste alternative, but gave three stars for the fact it would be better in cup bags as I found it a little messy.

Hi Debra, apologies for that! If you do place another order please put 'tea bags' within the notes and I will provide you with some easy to use bags that you can cleanly place the chicory within using a small teaspoon. It's not necessary for 99% of teas here, but we're still thinking of providing some with each order just in case.
Awesome tea and service

I love this tea, it is so beautiful to look at especially with the colour change. The service is fantastic and would definitely recommend!

Thank you Anh, this one has been even more popular than we expected!