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Australian business that we Supply

Australian Small Business we Supply

Initially this list of honour was only going to include naturopaths, herbalists and so on - but we soon realized the scope and depth of uses people have for our tea.

We have seen beer makers use our Blue Peaflower to create blue beer, hairdressers offer tea to their customers after haircuts, aromatherapists use certain herbs for infusion, and even psychologists providing Damiana tea to their clients for the strong calming effect on the mind and body.

This list is a small thank you to other small Australian companies putting our trust in us!

nivarna logo

162 Macquarie Rd, Springwood NSW 2777

Nivarna hair studio has been offering their guests a selection of our fruit tea range - and with some wonderful feedback. What better way to finish off your new look than by refreshing your body with some yummy fruit tea?

These guys have amazing reviews, so if you're around that area be sure to check them out!

nivarna hair studio

 the relationship room logo

62A Darling St, Balmain East NSW 2041

Paula at The Relationship Room offers teas from our relaxation range to aid with her wonderful concelling services that take a fresh approach to relationship councelling.
Cutting edge psychological research combined with a warm, relaxing and welcome atmosphere make this a place to go if you're finding current life events a little overwhelming.

relaxing space

Roseville Ballet School Logo

4 Shirley Rd, Roseville, NSW, 2069

The Roseville Ballet and Performing Arts school is a hidden gem that has been operating for over 50 years, and provides consistently amazing concerts and exam results. Waiting for exam instructors and parents there? You guessed it - a range of our teas.

ballet class girls in red

PO box 238 Tugun QLD 4224

Perfect Supplements is a great Australian business I've developed a relationship with over time - and their products are great too! Quality and service are as important to them as it is to us, so you can be sure you're going to have a good time with them. I'm often in contact with the owner Tammy and she has offered free shipping for awhile for Tea Life customers. Click the link above to apply that offer automatically!



Tea Life Reviews

Our Feedback

3186 reviews

This tea is very tasty and the best Roasted Dandelion I have had in many years. I will be buying again and telling my friends.

Hi Sally, thanks for your review! We only just got organic certification and only for a few select teas at first as we test the waters (it was quite a long process). We'll work on expanding that more this 2020 as budget allows.
My new favourite thing!

My family asked me for ideas of what to buy me for Christmas and I gave them the link for Tea Life. They bought me this teapot and I absolutely love it!!! I've used it every day since Christmas and it's my new favourite thing!
It's so easy to clean and I love that the strainer goes right to the bottom (instead of sitting on top like most other teapots) which means you don't have to fill right to the top just for one cup of tea. I also love the glass design so it always looks clean and you can see the colour of your tea to let you know when it's just right to your liking (especially good when you're brewing lovely colourful teas like the blue peaflower or hibiscus.... or a beautiful combination of the two... mmm, purple tea). Most happy with my gorgeous little teapot - thank you!
There's everything to love about this business - organic, Australian, yummy, medicinal teas, fabulous accessories, amazing customer service - you're doing everything right Toby - congratulations :))

Hi Jill, Thank you for pointing out all the things about this cup that helped us decide to stock it! Actually to be honest we got lucky on a few things and only found out some other good points after they came in. :) I'm glad you're happy with that and we'll work on expanding the range a bit further this 2020.

A brew that gets better the longer it sits
I put it in a pot and the first brew was bitter and had a standard silver needle flavour with a bit of a floral fruity taste.
And after a second brew with the same flower it was much smoother and fruitier and the flavour really came out. Very nice tea.

Hi Casey, thank you for your review! If you haven't, try the fruit infused blooming teas as they're part of our newest blooming range.
Amazing lemon smell

A beautifully fragrant tea with so many benefits. Really enjoyable.

Love it

I wanted a healthier version of my favourite bubble tea and my lychee black is delicious. Will defiantly order from here again.

Hi Mariah, you'll do very well to switch from bubble tea as that isn't too healthy! Although really yummy. Thank you for your review, much appreciated :)