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About Tea Life - An Australian Organic Tea Company

About Tea Life

"Tea should be of high quality"
"Tea should be ethically grown"
"It should be harvested correctly and stored correctly"

We strongly believe all of the above and are 100% committed to providing the highest quality organic teas across Australia at reasonable prices, along with placing service, customer experience and employee happiness above profit.

Founded in 2015 with just an idea, a clear direction, and we'll be honest...very little funds - Tea Life has grown within a very short time frame to be a much larger and trusted company based purely on the strengths of its exceptional service and even more exceptional tea.

fruit tea setting shot

Our strength is Herbal Tea - and our focus is on local business all the way down to packaging design. Our tea is of a higher overall grade, freshness, and can provide peace of mind of quality tea production and harvesting methods.

Your tea is hygienically hand packed in-house upon your order, with no machines used throughout the whole process. Until that time of order, it's kept within the bulk of the loose leaf tea. What does this mean? Dramatically increased freshness and taste, as most types of tea (especially herbal) shouldn't be separated and left within small packaging for extended periods of time.

tea shipping bag

We take great pride in both our product and the information we give out on our website to help and educate those stepping into the world of tea for the first time, or those helping already familiar with their favourite herbal teas learn perhaps something new.

If you don't see something here, please feel free to make a request and we'll do our best to get it up on Tea Life!

- Toby @ Tea Life

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Tea Life Reviews

Our Feedback

1846 reviews
Cherry green tea

This, so far is my favourite green tea. Its so delicious, l have all these others but l keep making a cup of cherry green ♡♡♡

Hi Jen, thank you for your review! Agree, most of the fruit infused black and green teas here are quite interesting, my fav would be cherry and lychee I think :)
The best service and pure herbal tea

The service and information for each tea is excellent .

My fav tea ❤... feel like drink a candy.. and I love the packaging... thank you tealife for made my day with this tea..

Hi Tania, thanks for your review! This one is fairly sweet - and one that's perfect for iced tea too. In Asia it's normally used that way.
Very Happy!

I’m really happy with tea, I’m quite fussy when it comes to the jasmine blends. This is one of the best I’ve had. 👍

Hi Prema, thanks so much for your review! I really like this one so I've shared it to our Facebook Page :)
Chamomile tea

This tea is fantastic for sleeping and it's dried to perfection