About Tea Life + Our History Timeline

Tea Life is a 100% owned and operated Australian small business.
We are one of the few tea companies in Australia to do all of our packaging in-house. 
This allows for greater flexibility, faster production, a larger range, fresher stock and better control of tea pricing.

The Seeds were Planted...

Tea Life has very humble beginnings. Founded in 2015 with little to no funds within an apartment with one to no orders a day. Orders were hand written on pre-paid bags and all tea was hand packed. The selection was limited but was soon to grow. In 2017 after things started picking up, the scary yet necessary move was taken to share a warehouse in Kingsgrove NSW.

Tea Life started to take shape, there was more space for stock, proper systems started forming and the range kept growing.

In 2020 Tea Life outgrew the Kingsgrove location and was moved to its own unshared warehouse in Marrickville. At this time our first packing machine was purchased.

...and the Leaves Grew

Many orders later and experiencing more growth, it was becoming apparent that we needed yet again a bigger warehouse and so in 2022 after 7 years of saving, a warehouse in North St Marys was purchased. With a high ceiling and plenty of space, stock keeping and allocation was no longer an issue for the first time ever.

We also opened a retail shop in Ultimo Sydney 2022-2023 for packing orders, tea drinking and retail as a small experiement but unfortunately was difficult and expensive to manage so closed this to focus on the warehouse.

After many mistakes in the area of packing machines, another more suitable packing machine was purchased that allowed for a large range of different herbs and teas to be packed with ziplock bags and laser printed labels. They may not all be perfect, but everything proudly is packed in-house in Sydney NSW.

From 2023 onwards we hope to keep expanding our range, and continue to collect great reviews + feedback on both our tea and service.

To all past customers, thank you for being a part of our journey so far!

- Toby Gospodarczyk