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10 Oct 2018 (Filing)

Class 30: Chai tea; Fruit flavoured tea (other than medicinal); Fruit tea (other than for medical purposes); Herb tea not for medical purposes; Herbal tea (other than for medicinal use); Jasmine tea, other than for medicinal purposes; Rooibos tea (not medicinal); Tea (not medicinal)

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14 Apr 2022 (Filing)

Goods & Services
Class 21:
Non-electric tea urns; non-electric tea warmers; tea balls; tea caddies; tea canisters; tea filters; tea infusers; tea sets; tea strainers; teapot stands; teapots; crockery; glassware; glassware for domestic use; glassware for household purposes; glassware for kitchen purposes; jars for household use; jugs; candle holders; candle jars (holders); cutlery holders; cutlery rests; cutlery trays; cups; drinking cups; glass cups


Class 30:
Chai tea; fruit flavoured tea (other than medicinal); fruit tea (other than for medical purposes); herb tea not for medical purposes; herbal tea (other than for medicinal use); jasmine tea, other than for medicinal purposes; rooibos tea (not medicinal); tea (not medicinal); aromatic teas (other than for medicinal use); beverages made of tea; beverages with tea base; flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes; non-medicated tea bags; non-medicated tea based beverages; non-medicated tea beverages; non-medicated tea extracts; non-medicated tea products; packaged tea (other than for medicinal use); preparations for making tea based beverages; preparations with a tea base; iced tea


Class 32:
Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with tea


Class 35:
Online retail services; wholesaling of goods (by any means); retail services; all of the aforementioned services being in relation to tea, chai tea, green tea, bubble teas, tea blends, fruit-flavoured teas, fruit teas, herbal teas, jasmine tea, liquorice tea, rooibos tea, aromatic tea, iced tea, beverages made of tea, tea-based beverages, tea leaves, flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes, tea extracts for use in beverages, preparations for making tea-based beverages, preparations with a tea base for use in beverages, beverages flavoured with tea, tea bags, packaged tea, implements and vessels for brewing and serving tea, teaware, tea storage containers, teapots, tea sets, tea cups, tea mugs, tea glasses and tea jugs


Class 43:
Teahouse services; tea cafe services; tea room services