Blooming flower teas are a modern take on classic tea types that indulge in three senses - taste, smell and the visual. This tea is hands down the most beautiful of all tea types and create a large flower unique to each type of ball.

The absolute perfect tea for weddings, gatherings, birthdays or just relaxing alone to unwind. Our blooming teas are high quality, free of pesticide, and based in premium silver needle tea.

Blooming Flower Tea

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Chickweed Tea

I purchased chickweed tea, and the order came the next day, the service is impeccable. The tea was savoury, taste fresh and beautiful. My daughter had a kidney infection which cleared up after taking this tea for a few days. It’s a tea I now drink regularly with my daughter.

Hi Fadya, Thank you for your review! I'm glad that helped. I also didn't know that a possible next day delivery to your location was possible with Sendle so that's also good to know. Thank you!
Essiac Tea
Essiac tea purchase

I find the Essiac tea sold by this company to be very authentic and I highly recommend it for just about any medical condition.I am 70 andI always notice a positive improvement when I take it.Good prompt service also keeps me coming back God bless Helen

Hi Helen, Thank you for your kind review much appreciated!

Delicious & pretty!

HI Sally, yes it is! :)

I haven’t received the tea yet, I’m getting a bit concerned.

Hi Janet, thank you for your time on the phone yesterday - don't forget to let me know if it arrives today!
Valerian Tea

Thanks very much for your product it helping me sleep and taste great.Fantastic Service also.Thankyou Tea life.

Hi Darren, you're the first to say this one tastes great so that's a nice balance to other reviews here! We'll often get people saying it works but need to add honey due to the taste. :)