The Scent of Asia Tea Collection

The rich history of tea in Asia is unparalleled, and influences many facets of culture within China, Taiwan, Japan and many other eastern countries. Each tea often has its own orign story, based in fantastic mythology often taking place thousands of years ago which have survived to this very day.

Below we have a selection of our top picks for teas normally found in Asia and placed them in a new category called 'Scent of Asia'. We hope you enjoy it! If you'd like to see our farms and where these particular teas come from, please visit our post 'The origin stories of Chinese Tea' that also covers the mythology surrounding some of the most popular teas from Asia such as Oolong and Pu'er.

This range is always being updated, so check back from time to time to see what's new!

Scent of Asia

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Buddhas Tears
From $11.95
Ginseng Tea
From $7.95
Chrysanthemum Tea
From $8.95
Matcha Tea
From $10.95
White Peony Tea
From $10.95
Genmaicha Tea
From $7.95
Sencha Tea
From $9.95
Da Hong Pao Tea
From $13.95
Sencha Floral
From $9.95
Lemon Surprise Tea
From $9.95
Royal Pu'er Tea
From $9.95
Wild Pu'er Tea
From $11.95
Benshan Oolong Tea
From $9.95
Jasmine Tea
From $6.95
Milk Oolong Tea
From $10.95
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Tea life is Awesome

I never ever do reviews but I feel I have to rave about this company as they are such a pleasure to purchase from.
I love that they are Australiaian that is important to me. I love that they are organic. I love the packaging. I love how quickly the tea arrives. I love that they are so friendly & grateful for your purchase.
Most of I just LOVE their tea.
Thank you Tea Life for being so AWESOME
Jude Vautier

Hi Judith, thank you for the huge compliments! I love this one so I've shared it to Facebook but with only V as your second name if that's okay. Ladys Mantle is always quite popular here, one of the first additions to Tea Life, and something we'll definitely keep. :) I hope you have a good new year.
Green Tea, Rose Tea and Hyssop Tea

Love drinking those together as they are lovely to drink.

Hi John, Thank you for your review! I haven't tried that blend before but I imagine it would be good actually!
yerba mate tea

Fantastic aroma, its clearing up my skin, helping with toxins,,,will reorder

Thanks Karin, actually you just reminded me to recommend this to a friend with bad skin - hopefully it will help them too!
Great tea

Loved the tea, felt the change in my digestion almost immediately. Tastes great and easy to drink. Will definitely order more of this product.

Hi Hazel, Hibiscus is too useful! We're always careful to be well stocked of this popular tea.
Next Day Delivery

Came right in time for Christmas - it tasted fantastic as well.

Hi Lachlan, Whew good - we didn't have many delivery issues over Xmas actually. We were a bit worried but it seems to have worked out. Now we just need to catch up on orders over the past weeks break...