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A prized collection of decaffeinated teas and blends such as decaf black, decaf green, and decaf chais. A range that will grow over time both by requested blends and our own ideas. Please note that caffeine free teas still do contain a minimal amount of caffeine, on avergae 4mg per cup. The average cup of tea contains around 60-80mg caffeine.

If you have any questions about this range please let us know here.

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    2981 reviews
    I love this tea

    I really adore this iced or hot. Plenty of pear and plenty of cinnamon. This is going to save me in the hot summer. Delicious blend.

    Hi S Ross, thanks for your review! We had a bad one for this tea recently, so this will help to balance the score out alot! :)
    Fibromyalgia tea

    So far so good, Three days in and I can go our for walks again. That's big!

    Hi Christine, always VERY happy to hear when this new blend is helping - if at times even only a little. We've seen it help across all spectums so far from very little to quite a lot.

    Was thrilled to be able to get this tea
    Thank you so much

    Hi Ailsa, thank you! This one is actually kind of new as we switched recipes - I think this one is much better now!
    Lemon Verbena

    Love this tea - so light and refreshing and soothing - it lacks a bit of intensity but that might be batch to batch - I tried to lift it with a tiny bit of lemon myrtle but that took over the flavour too much - definitely brew it as long as possible - be a bit generous - it is worth it for the comfort it gives.

    Lemon Verbena

    I had my first cup of lemon verbena at a great restaurant and as good as the food was the tea was what stayed in my mind. So calming and cleansing and gentle. I researched and ordered not long after and love my Verbena - have since ordered another bag. It isn't quite as intense in flavour but it might vary bush to bush -I know it grows well and is hardy so maybe different batches

    Hi j9, thanks for your detailed reviews across two types of tea - I'm sure they'll be really helpful for other customers.