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Chrysanthemum Tea

Everything was perfect

Tea's are delicious, the service was excellent, prices are reasonable, great and detailed description on teas and website is super easy to use. I received my parcel within a day as was promised. I even had a hand written note on my invoice which I thought was super sweet. Will be definitely using this website a lot in the future. Highly recommended. :-) THANKS!

Hi Tanicka! Even if I'm super swamped in orders and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel i'll always still say thank you on each order invoice

Delicious and fragrant oolong. It arrived really fast too :)

Hi Sarah, thank you - always happy when someone tries this one! It's a bit of a special one that's definitely recommended if you've tried and liked oolong before.
Amazing Herbal Teas

I've only just discovered Tea Life, I wish I'd known about it sooner! I love exploring herbal teas and I think it's so cool that rather than just listing the ingredients, you actually explain the health and healing properties. Super helpful! Thanks so much for the tea and great service!

Hi Abby, thanks for your review! We're not sure if we're allowed to be putting benefits in descriptions but they're all well documented and supported by studies so we'll keep doing it until we get in trouble :)
Hibiscus tea- tastes clean and fresh

I am quite happy with the hibiscus tea that I ordered from tea life. It came very quickly and Tony was friendly and helpful. So Thankyou you. There were three natural things I was doing to lower my blood pressure. One was drinking hibiscus tea. My blood pressure is getting lower. Also I drink the tea iced, as I like it like that. I found it to tastes fresh and soet of clean.

Hi Shelly, thanks for your feedback! We'll be making individual backings for each tea soon ( we're still fairly new) - so thanks for your patience as we get through that. Our first focus was quality tea and service and now we'll be moving on to the finer details such as these.