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Healthy Australian Tea Blends

Organic Tea - 100% Australian Owned and Operated

Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea, Classic Tea, Blooming Tea and more! Packed in-house with love.

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Packed In-house

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Over 250 Types of Premium Tea, Packed in-house with Love <3
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Hibiscus Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus (Hibiscus species / Egyptian Red Tea) has benefits of reducing blood pressure, cholesterol levels, aids the immune and digestive systems, and acts as an anti-inflammatory.Another interesting benefit of this...
Blue Butterfly Peaflower Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Blue Butterfly Peaflower Tea

Having enjoyed huge popularity in Asia for some time now, this Peaflower tea with a difference is slowly making it's way to western countries and mesmerizing whole new audiences with it's...
Chamomile Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Chamomile Tea

Did you know Chamomile is also called Matricaria recutita? Extremely well known for relaxing and calming effects on the body, this tea is usually a go-to drink for stress and...
Goodnight Sleeping Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Goodnight Sleeping Tea

A wonderfully relaxing organic tea to finish up your day that can aid in both the ease and quality of sleep. Containing ingredients proven to help with bedtime, this sleep...
Valerian Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Valerian Tea

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a complex herb, containing over 120 compounds. Despite this complexity, it has no negative side effects. This tea has two primary uses, being sleep and anxiety.A...

Tea Bags Empty Organic 100 Pack

They're cute, easy, portable, extremely eco friendly and unbleached wood pulp paper drawsting empty tea bags! The perfect accessory to any type of tea that won't affect flavour or put...
Dandelion Root Roasted Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Dandelion Root Roasted Tea

Hand Roasted in-house!Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is widely used to maintain proper liver function, which comes in handy if you're using prescription medication which has side effects involving the liver.Dandelion also...
Nettle Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Nettle Tea

Nettle Tea (Urtica diocia) has for a long time been used to treat allergy symptoms, particularly hay-fever.A known diuretic and anti-inflammatory, Nettle is used to treat a range of conditions...
Quality. Functional. Elegant.
Dual Layer Cups
Just In!
We're just as picky with the quality of our acessories as we are with our tea. That's why it's taken us awhile to finally set the groundwork for our new cup range and take our first steps into style with our new dual glass layer cup range.

Every cup we add now and in the future will serve a distinct purpose, each different and unique to the last entry - without being repetitive. We hope you enjoy these cups just as much as we do. Once you try them, it'll be hard to go back!
Regain your health

Health is usually comprised of three things - the mind, the body and the spirit. Here at Tea Life, we take care of the body with the purest and best tasting organic teas you'll find in Australia.

Make a change, regain your health, and explore the limitless possibility that is natures gift to you - tea.

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2838 reviews
Tea for all seasons

This is a lovely blend. With the cinnamon, it can be a warming drink for cool days but I also made it up as an iced tea and it was delicious. I’m not usually a great fan of most fruit teas but this is full of flavour and a real winner.

Hi Carol, thanks so much for the first review on this tea. I'd agree with you on all points for this one, I really love it :)
Smells Divine

Love the taste of the peach tea, especially enjoy it as an ice tea on these hot days.

Hi Rosemary, thanks for your review - these are simple infusions but do go along way in creating a nice flavour for iced tea.
Great Tall Glass Jug

Great sized product and really well made. We now make extra chai to store in fridge in this jug.

Hi William, I'm using this one at home now as well - and I'm also quite happy with it! I like the fact that it has two hole types, one for straining tea/fruit and the other just for regular use.
Bloomin Tea!

Organic & Australian! Can't go wrong!

Bloomin Tea

I'm always conscious of what my family consumes. Buying organic from an Australian company is my primary goal. So thank you Tea Life. Best tea and fantastic service!