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Wonderful Tea

Superb quality, price and excellent service!

Hi Timo, thank you! Sorry this one is a bit of a heavy tea so initially if you order a small amount it may not look like much - but you don't need much per cup with this one luckily. Hope to see you again! - Toby

Bacopa Tea

easy drinking tea

I drink this of an evening when I want something a bit more complex. Doesn't require sweetener or anything, lovely to drink as is.

Hi Eva, yes definitely to be taken straight or with milk at the most!

Beautiful quality tea , thank you

Thanks Anne!
Nostalgia in a cup

This delicate and aromatic French earl grey tea is such a delight to drink. The fruity warmth reminds me of something from my teenage years and I can't place it- something like being wrapped in a shawl looking out onto a rainforest. Suffice to say, I am transported to my happy place with every cup. I usually add milk to black tea, but prefer to drink this earl grey black. And like another reviewer stated, you can re-brew it.

Hi Vicki, I agree there's something about this tea that seems familiar but it's still the best once I've come across so far. I used to have my earl grey with milk, but I can't really bring myself to add it to this one as I like the taste too much and don't want to change it :)