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Perfect, perfect!

As always seems to happen with Tea Life tea, this mix of herbs came at a time when I was in great pain (emotional and physical) due to my time of the Goddess. This tea soothed my body, my nerves and helped me sleep. Beautiful blend. Beautiful flavour, amazing outcome. Many thanks

Hi Amanda, thank you for all of your wonderful reviews, it's very very much appreciated.
Thank our sleepy stars

This tea was incredibly helpful for drifting me off to sleep at a time when it felt like the world was gone crazy. Delivered and packaged beautifully. Thank you. Very delicious as well.

We have a few teas for relaxation as they've proven to be quite popular. This one is probably the most so far but we'll try to come up with blend to beat it one day! :)
Great for antiflammatory!

This Tumeric Tea came at the perfect time. I had just been invited to sing for a band and the gig was in a week! I had a Tumeric Tea each morning and my voice never ached or died even with six hours a day of singing practice. Thank you!

Hi Amanda, great review - glad it arrived in time! This is Turmeric Chai, have you tried the pure turmeric too?
Mother Wart Tea

The mother wart tea is very bitter, but works well tor me in decreasing any bloating feelings in the stomach, I drink it every night. I really appreciate the freshness of all the teas that I have purchased from Tea Life.

Hi Nawal, Thank you and yes - this one is. Some people add honey to decrease bitterness if that helps you at all!
Nettle Tea

I leave the nettle tea to infuse overnight, and drink it in the morning. I find it gives me extra energy more than coffee does. love it's benefits and the taste

That would be really strong! Always amazed and interested to see the different ways our customers drink our tea. : )