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Fragrant Fantasies

I received my two floral teas some time ago ( Sencha Sweet Selections and Sencha Floral), but thought I would leave reviewing them until I had held at least three of my 2018 Literary Parties, and had feedback from a range of guests.
Well, their response was one of total delight! Under the theme: "Floral Oracles: The Language of Flowers in Literature and Art", I set out to enchant the senses with beautiful literature and art, and fantastic floral food and drink.
Your teas were a centrepiece of the delicate flavours and aromas of a series of elegant afternoon teas. I was mad to choose the medium size packs (80gms), instead of the 160 gms packs, as guests adored them, and kept coming back for seconds - then asking if they could try the other blends!!
On average, I made FIVE POTS for each group of ten guests. The delicate, fresh summery- sweet aromas and subtle palates complemented the food superbly, and their gorgeous honey to amber colourings looked fabulous in the fine porcelain floral cups. I have seven more parties to hold in the coming months, and can't wait to try other tantalising blends!! Congratulations on a lovely range of really top quality teas!
PS I am sending images to show how sensational they looked!

Hi Susan, I have a backlog of reviews to respond to but I have to reply to this one right away :) If i ever write a book about tea I think i'll get your help as your descriptions are much better than mine! Thanks for your feedback and if you ever do need me to help out in any way please let me know. - Toby

I was very impressed by the freshness of all the herbal teas I ordered , I’ve yet to see if the hawthorn lowers my blood pressure ..haven’t had it long enough

Hi Nerida, many have seen good results with hawthorn so I hope you will too!
Great service

Lady's Mantle Tea

Just awesome!

I saw these at another company but was dubious of the quality and wasn't interested in paying the ridiculous price. I'm super glad I found them here because that are flat out amazing. I will 100% be buying again when I run out which will probably be soon because I've been sharing them with everyone I know.
Such a unique way to make it, the jasmine scent is beautiful and relaxing and if it didn't taste so nice I would probably just leave a cup out to smell.
I found the taste subtle in a nice way but you wouldn't really want it stronger, unlike the instructions I only use 3 in a cup. Anyhow, I highly recommend! 10 thumbs up.

Hi Matt, thanks for your amazing reviews so far! I think we may be able to do a bit better on the Buddhas tears pricing soon actually, as it's not really where we'd like it to be at just yet. There's a lot of variation in quality in this tea but we're happy with this one too. It's one of my favourites for sure. You really don't need much at all, so try using only 3-4 balls and steeping longer if you're not doing so already.
uh it looks nice?

I tried this out of curiosity, never had it before and unfortunately wont again. Not a fan! But that's not its fault I just didn't like it, you on the other hand may love it!
Anyhow, for the rest of this review i will judge it technically.
The Matcha itself was very well ground with an even consistency, it was also a very nice colour and looked very fresh.
It mixed in with hot water perfectly and didn't leave any floaties or anything so I imagine this a very clean and well made product.
That's about all I can say, I'm sure it's very good it's just not for me.

I totally agree, this tea isn't for everyone. Make sure trying to add milk if you haven't yet. I think people either love or hate this tea but it's good to at least try once in your life. I'm really sorry this one wasn't for you though! It's always a risk the first time :)