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Great product

Customer service is excellent. Delivery time amazing. Flavour of tea very tasty good quality. 100% customer satisfaction.

Hi Margaret, thanks so much for your kind words. We do our best with shipping time, but can be a little flexible depending on Australia Post :)
Lemongrass Tea

Unfortunately I am yet to receive the Lemongrass and Ginger tea. However, my
previous purchase of Lemongrass tea has been very much enjoyed. I love it and my daughter has a couple of cups every time she visits me. Quite often now. The tea is much better than shop bought. Will definitely be ordering more when I run out of my current batch.

Hi Aivars, thanks for letting me know that hasn't arrived yet. To your location, things can take awhile to get there sometimes. But if it doesn't arrive on Monday please let me know. How long did your last order take to arrive?
Must-have tea!

I keep my bag of tea at work and I must have a cup almost every day. It's a great ritual when I'm under pressure or stressed out, and I can definitely feel a difference afterwards. Very soothing.

Hi Caroline, thanks for your review! I have a funny story about damiana at work, as I used to drink that in the office too. I actually had to stop as it was a bit too effective and sending me to sleep so downgraded to simple chamomile. :) - Toby

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