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Withania tea

Very pleasant taste both hot and cold. Very refreshing. I do feel a bit brighter in the morning and have had a good nights sleep. Seems to do what it says.

Hi Aivars, thank you for another review - love getting your honest opinion on all our teas!
very good


Blue Butterfly Peaflower Tea

Fast service and quality product. Makes an incredible Blue Mojito which I served to my friends - expect some orders from Adelaide soon. Thanks for being!

Hi Christ, thanks alot for your great review and any word of mouth is much appreciated.
Quick, friendly and yummy teas

My order arrived quick and well packed. The teas are delicious.

Hi Mara, thank you! This blend is probably our most complicated, with many components. It's been well received though!
Hibiscus Wonderland fruit tea

1st order was a 40g bag my 2nd order 160g is on its way whole family loves it ...we drink our tea cold ...I take care of my mum who has dementia and I have trouble getting her to drink water but now she drinks a 1.25 liter bottle every day which I can make using the equivalent of 2 teabags ...she loves it so a big thank you ...I have trouble keeping it up to my grandchildren who love it

Hi Juanita, thanks for your time on the phone yesterday to clear up that issue, and I hope you have fun with that tea over xmas!