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My Mullein Tea Purchase

From placing my order online, I received my purchase of an 80gram Mullein Tea within 5 days. Regular updates from Tea Life kept me up to date with where my order was, and when I could expect to receive it. Great service from Tea Life, and lovely packaging too, making one feel like a valued customer. I’ll certainly buy from Tea Life again. As far as the Mullein Tea product itself is concerned, I’m yet to experience fully any of its proclaimed benefits with respect to helping to clear the lungs, at this early stage anyway. Nonetheless, a very pleasant tasting tea, particularly with the addition of a teaspoon of honey.

Hi Rob - I hope it does help you after awhile as it's helped others here. Try to use 2-3 times a day.
Best ginseng oolong tea I've tasted outside of Beijing!

This tea is delicious and my favourite breakfast tea. I've tried several other ginseng oolong teas from Australian businesses, and this is the closest to the tea I fell in love with in Beijing. Easy online ordering and excellent service - thank you.

Hi Mandy, thank you for the big compliment! We weren't sure if this Ginseng Oolong would sell or not - but it's actually doing pretty okay. We're happy you helped leave a review to let other people know what it's like, as it's fairly new here. :)
Wood Betony Tea

A once hard to get and really valuable good that it is available as a tea.

Linden Tea

a valuable and well presented tea...thanks!

Skullcap Root Tea

a valuable and fresh tea..thanks !