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Love this tea!

So fruity and tasty, perfect summer drink.

Thanks Sophia, try it chilled if you haven't yet!
Hibiscus tea

This tea is refreshing,tea life products are fresh . The flowers are potent and produce a lovely red colour, I highly recommend this tea.

Hi Jacinta, after looking around more at other types of Hibiscus I think I'm starting to see why this one is so popular. It's definitely very potent and fresh, along with being more 'whole' than many others. Thanks for your feedback!
Thank you Tea Life

Exceptional service was given by Tea Life when my issue was brought to Toby's attention. Communication was swift and the issue was fixed quickly with no fuss.

Hi Julie, Thanks - I'll usually do whatevers humanly possible to resolve any issues. Sometimes there's not much I can do but I'll try to make up for it in other ways. Our PeaFlower tea is now VERY well stocked.

Most impressive web page full of information. My order was personally dealt with giving great service and even better tea. Highly recommended

Hi David, thanks so much! It's not easy running a small business but reviews like yours give motivation to keep pushing forward. : ) The descriptions and health benefits are always a work in progress and will continue to be updated over time.
Hibiscus tea

Love the taste. Love the color . Thank you Tea for life.

Hi Connie, thanks for your review!