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Finally I've found the best tasting earl grey tea, I've been searching for years for a delicious tasting earl grey tea as it's my most favourite tea to drink first thing in the morning.... thank you tea life

Hi Meryl, Thankyou! I totally agree, love this tea and think it's one of our best. I'll often give this one out as a sample to impress!

Very happy with my purchase

Blue Butterfly Peaflower Tea

Beautiful blue tea, Great taste. Love it 5/5

Excellent tea!

the passionflower tea is delicious!

Wedding Favours

I bought your tea to put into glass test tubes to use as gifts for our guests at our wedding in two weeks. I chose you guys over T2 because the price was better, and because you seem to be Australian owned and not a huge corporation. I am definitely impressed!! I’ve had a few cups myself and love it!!

Hi Ladene, thanks so much - and you're right on all accounts there, especially the taste :) Hope to see you again soon!