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Healthy Australian Tea Blends

Organic Tea - 100% Australian Owned and Operated

Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea, Classic Tea, Blooming Tea and more! Packed in-house with love.

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Packed In-house

Quality resealable packaging that protects from the elements


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Friendly Service

In-house customer service that is both fast and friendly!

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Over 250 Types of Premium Tea, Packed in-house with Love <3
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Metal Hat Cup with Lid and Strainer all in One

Our Metal Hat cup is suited towards those that wish for the functionality of our top hat cup, but with a more sturdy metal design.Included is a lid hat to...

Top Hat Teapot

We've named this the 'Top Hat Teapot' as a close relative of our popular Top Hat Cup! An elegant all in one solution to all tea worries that includes an...

Woody Handblown Stackable Storage Jar

We love these. A compact storage solution for most anything commonly found in the kitchen (and tea!) such as herbs, spices, salt and sugar. Pick up the second and third...

Windproof Tealight Teapot Heater

Sick of your teapot getting cold before you're even done? Windproof Tealight Teapot Heater may be the answer you've been looking for. Sometimes found in upscale restaurants or cafes, but now...

Icy Tall Glass Jug

The Icy Tall Glass Jug comes with a great capacity, spacious handle and best of all: an inbuilt metallic strainer.The perfect answer to those wishing to steep tea overnight and...

Modern Metal Infuser Glass Teapot

A great long lasting modern style teapot that comes with its very own internal tea strainer. Generous handle space for ease of pouring and a round design thats easy on...
Turkish Style Double Wall Glass Cup, Cup Tea Life

Turkish Style Double Wall Glass Cup

Our Turkish Style Double Wall Glass Cup is fashioned from the elegant Turkish way of drinking, normally used for coffee. Suitable for all types of beverages, and available both with and...
Genie Teapot, Teapot Tea Life

Genie Teapot

We've named this the 'Genie Teapot' because it can do everything!The Genie Teapot will fulfill your three wishes with an internal strainer, 3 cups included, and an optional tealight candle...
Quality. Functional. Elegant.
Dual Layer Cups
Just In!
We're just as picky with the quality of our acessories as we are with our tea. That's why it's taken us awhile to finally set the groundwork for our new cup range and take our first steps into style with our new dual glass layer cup range.

Every cup we add now and in the future will serve a distinct purpose, each different and unique to the last entry - without being repetitive. We hope you enjoy these cups just as much as we do. Once you try them, it'll be hard to go back!
Regain your health

Health is usually comprised of three things - the mind, the body and the spirit. Here at Tea Life, we take care of the body with the purest and best tasting organic teas you'll find in Australia.

Make a change, regain your health, and explore the limitless possibility that is natures gift to you - tea.

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Our Feedback

2632 reviews

Got this as a birthday present. Very beautiful and exceptional service.

Hi Victor, Thanks for your review on this new accessory!

Love love love this tea - have never tasted another like it - ITS MY FAV - it tastes like it smells - DIVINE


The tea is doing amazing things.. thrilled with it and would recommend it to everyone

Hi Shirley, Thank you for your review on this new blend! We have about 3/ out of 4 replies now saying that it's helped them, so that's promising. 75% success isn't too bad!

Royal Pu'er Tea

Fibromyalgia tea

I purchased this for my mum who suffers from Fibro. After her first few days she found that it was helping her to get off to sleep. It has also helped with the pain. She tells me that it is really nice tasting too! So I think I will need to order her more!