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It Works!

I was losing weight on my own for almost 10weeks, but i still had bloating issues. This tea really made my tummy flat n tightier. This helps with those who are either at their plateau with losing weight or those who really do have bloating issues. I reached my plateau n had bloating issues so this was the answers to my issues. Highly Reccomend!

Hi Sabrina, thanks for your great review. I've shared this one to our Facebook page if you don't mind :) Sometimes it's just a matter of trying a few things and seeing what works as every body is different. We've had similar stories from this tea before too, so it does look like it often does work as intended.
Great quality

I love your silver needle tea! I blend it with the blue butterfly peaflower tea which I drink everyday as a ice tea. I have hashimoto's and it has helped so much I will not go a day without it. Thank you for wonderful service & quality products!!

Hi Leah, Thanks for your review and I'm really glad that's helping. You might also be happy to know that we've finally been able to secure a large amount of Silver Needle, so you'll see a price drop on this tea within a month or so.
Ezcema helped

Actually did help me reduce my eczema maybe even better than my usual creams . Good service too.


I have tried this elsewhere but the quality of this cats claw is easily better. And this one actually helped me too!


Great tasting tea really exceeded my expectations. Toby is excellent to deal with.

Hi Devinna, Wow thank you so much for the images - I have added them to the product page, I hope that's okay! You're a very good photographer :)