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Healthy Australian Tea Blends

Organic Tea - 100% Australian Owned and Operated

Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea, Classic Tea, Blooming Tea and more! Packed in-house with love.

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Packed In-house

Quality resealable packaging that protects from the elements


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Friendly Service

In-house customer service that is both fast and friendly!

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Over 250 Types of Premium Tea, Packed in-house with Love <3
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Fibromyalgia Tea, Health Blend Tea Tea Life

Fibromyalgia Tea

We cautiously add Fibromyalgia tea to our range at Tea Life. We do stay away from specific claims in regards to more serious conditions here, but have found success for...
Lapsang Souchong Tea Second Blend, Scent Of Asia Tea Life

Lapsang Souchong Tea Second Blend

Our second blend of Lapsang Souchong is a special treat that may bring an unexpected yet familiar taste to those experienced with Lapsang Souchong. A slightly less smokey flavour with...
Tea for Cats - Catnip Dreams, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Tea for Cats - Catnip Dreams

Now you can share a special moment of relaxation with your feline over one of our fine teas, hand-selected to benefit your cat’s wellbeing.All of these ingredients are herbal, caffeine-free,...
Blue Lotus Flower Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Blue Lotus Flower Tea

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is one special flower, also sometimes named 'Egyptian Lotus' - has a long history in Egypt as a natural mood enhancer. Of such importance was this flower, that...
Rose Root Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Rose Root Tea

Rose Root (Rhodiola Rosea / Arctic Root / Golden Root) is known as an adaptogen - which means if you're stressed, can help to regulate your mood. Early research seems...
Fertility Tea, Health Blend Tea Tea Life

Fertility Tea

Our Fertility Tea is a blend created by the guiding hand history, containing herbs used since ancient times to increase fertility. Read below to find out more information on why we've...
Coriander Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Coriander Tea

Our Coriander tea (Coriandum sativum) is fresh, super green, and specifically grown and prepared for tea drinking with medium cut leaves that are just the right size to both preserve...
Chai Dreams Chocolate Edition, Chai Tea Tea Life

Chai Dreams Chocolate Edition

Oh look you've found it, the ultimate Chocolate Chai!No sugary chocolate powder is used, with ours containing a strong base of our popular Chocolate Cacao Husk tea that contains no...
Quality. Functional. Elegant.
Dual Layer Cups
Just In!
We're just as picky with the quality of our acessories as we are with our tea. That's why it's taken us awhile to finally set the groundwork for our new cup range and take our first steps into style with our new dual glass layer cup range.

Every cup we add now and in the future will serve a distinct purpose, each different and unique to the last entry - without being repetitive. We hope you enjoy these cups just as much as we do. Once you try them, it'll be hard to go back!
Regain your health

Health is usually comprised of three things - the mind, the body and the spirit. Here at Tea Life, we take care of the body with the purest and best tasting organic teas you'll find in Australia.

Make a change, regain your health, and explore the limitless possibility that is natures gift to you - tea.

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Our Feedback

2562 reviews
Cold and Sore Throat blend really works

I bought this tea coming into the flu season in Brisbane (Ekka time) just to have it on standby. This week I have had to use it. I started the week with a razor sore throat, head cold and heading towards the dreaded tonsilitis. Started drinking the tea, the cold did not take hold. I still caught the virus unfortunately but the pain in throat subsided and no tonsilitis took hold. Doctor scratched his head, glands and Sore Throat should equal tonsilitis... brilliant tea especially with the slippery elm in it. Tastes great! One to keep in the cupboard.

Hi Kym, thanks so much for you review - I love practical ones such as these with stories behind them. :)
Great service and product

Love my new teas

Thanks for your review on this new tea!
Delicious and delightful on the eyes

This tea is a very pleasant after dinner or in the morning for a bit of a pick-me-up! It is also a delightful blue colour when steeping and drinking it. Tea Life's shipping is also incredibly fast and the product arrives in perfect condition. Thanks Tea Life team!

Excellent tea - fragrant and strong

I am really enjoying this tea - no hint of bitterness!

Great Australian tea