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Buddhas Tears

This is a great product, Tightly bound little jewels of flavour! The service is Fantastic very fast indeed, pricing is really very good! The information on each tea is superb very informative. I really can't say much more about this company, Just that I will be buying my teas from Tea Life again and again. Thank You Tea Life.....Kathy

Hi Kathy thanks so much, what glowing feedback! In regards to use-by date we most likely will add them eventually but currently all teas turnaround time is quite fast without being stored for long at all. From that point on, it's a 3 year expiration. Once/if we get a bit more commercial, we'll do that for sure :)

Satisfied with the product and quantity

Thank you Vijayanjani! We're still fairly new but are adding more varieties regularly. : )
Fantastic service

Very expedient and great tea

Thank you Kathryn - Be careful too, as this tea can stain!

Nice flavoured tea with great health benefits. I’m enjoying a cup or two each day. Thankyou Tealife.

Thank you Dehlia! A popular tea this one for sure.

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