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Great product

This tea looks and tastes amazing. Definitely recommend

We're incredibly grateful to the North American Indians and Nurse Rene Caisse who refined the tea.

My wife's breast cancer had metastasised throughout her body. This was the fourth time it had reoccurred. Previously we did the traditional surgery and/or chemotherapy and/or radiation. And despite our persevering it returned. Her diagnosis was most definitely terminal.

We heard about the tea, amongst other methods we have employed from a brilliant cancer-survivor in WA and from the "Truth about Cancer" video series by the incredible, Ty Bollinger, in the USA.

My wife's cancer marker dropped dramatically from 57 to 14 in less than 3 months; 2 of her largest tumours have disappeared completely and, the remaining tumours are now so small they can no longer be measured.

To say we think you are brilliant for bringing Essiac Tea, with its original formula to Australia Toby is, an understatement. We are so incredibly grateful to you too.

Hi John, That's very good news and so glad to hear that. We'd like to state that we don't advertise this as helping aid with cancer, but only provide the history behind the tea as we wouldn't want to give false hope to anyone. This tea is also used for a variety of other means too.If you have any other updates please let us know!
Fast delivery, good price



Great service and follow up
Thank you


Excelent service and very good tea!