Chamomile Tea: What It Is, Health Benefits, and Caffeine Content

Chamomile is a widely popular tea choice which is why our organic chamomile tea is one of our most popular sellers. Chamomile tea is made using dried chamomile flowers and water and tastes great with honey. This beautiful fragrant tea is loved for its health-boosting properties and relaxing nature. It not only tastes great but is an elixir for a healthy life and is a fantastic addition to your morning routine. 

What are the Benefits of Drinking this Tea?

1. Reducing menstrual pains

Several studies have shown that chamomile tea reduces the severity of pain from menstrual cramps and helps to relax and soothe the stomach when consumed regularly. A 2019 study showed that the tea has anti-inflammatory, sedative and anti-anxiety effects. Many of the benefits that this tea has can be linked to the benefit the tea has on improving sleep. 

2. Treatment for diabetes

Medical studies have discovered that chamomile tea can have a positive effect on those with diabetes.  A study in 2015 found that Chamomile tea has some beneficial effects on glycemic control and serum lipid profile, though there is no solid proof that it can be a substitute for diabetic tablets, it can still be used as a supplement for the already existing treatments.

3. Relaxation and sleep assistance

Chamomile tea is used widely as many people find it helps them relax and fall asleep, however, there have not been a huge amount of studies done on this. In a review of a study, 10 out of 12 patients have been recorded to fall asleep immediately or within some time after consuming chamomile tea. We suggest trying chamomile tea for yourself to see if you experience the relaxing benefits many others do.  

4. Dermatological relief and treatments

There have been studies that have discovered that chamomile ointments may be helpful as a natural treatment of eczema and other mild skin conditions, though it is not nearly as effective as hydrocortisone cream. 

Does Chamomile Tea Contain Caffeine?

Scientific researchers have discovered that Chamomile tea does not contain caffeine and is a healthy drink that can be included in your daily regimen. It is a tea made using dried chamomile flowers. This fragrant caffeine-free tea has a rich history and is extremely popular around the world. The tea is described to have a very mild aroma with honey and floral notes, it is described as having a subtle but sweet flavour. Do yourself a favour and try our chamomile flower tea and start enjoying its amazing benefits. 

Who Should Actively Avoid Chamomile Tea?

Please consult your GP before consuming if you have; 

  • History of allergies specifically those allergies related to pollen.
  • Allergic reaction to chamomile products
  • Babies and young children

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