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The Blue Pea flower is a unique flower that is packed with antioxidants, making it a popular ingredient in herbal teas, supplements and beauty products. Like many of the teas, we sell here at Tea Life, the Blue pea flower also known as butterfly flower tea, has been linked to some incredible health benefits, but the thing that makes this beautiful plant stand out from the rest is its incredibly unique colour. 

Infuse Tea Lifes Blue pea flower tea into water and watch your tea magically transform into a deep blue hue, add some lemon and watch it take on shades of pinks and purples. 

Blue pea flower is an adventurous ingredient, scroll down to view some of our customer’s fun creations!

Blue Peaflower Rice

Blue Pea flower-infused blue rice

The above image sent in by one of our customers features their Lilo & Stitch Blue Rice dish. They simply made this by steeping some Blue pea flower tea into the water to infuse the colour before using it to cook the white. A super easy and fun way to bring some colour to your dishes.

Blue Peaflower Lemonade

Magic Blue Pea flower Lemonade

The ultimate party tick, we guarantee this will impress the kids and even adults. Simply add a touch of lemon to the bottom of your guest's glasses or add some lemon to crushed ice and pour your Blue Pea flower tea-infused homemade lemonade into guests glasses, and watch the magic happen. Watch your guest’s faces light up as their drinks change from shades of blue to purple and even pink depending on the level of acidity.

Blue pea flower versatility and benefits

There are so many ways to explore blue pea flower tea recipes, we have been loving adding it to our summer cocktails, smoothies and baking as a natural funky food colouring, Blue pea flower tea is also commonly known as Butterfly Pea Tea, a popular tea that plant is native to Asia, the plant is a vibrant blue colour which is due to its antioxidant compounds. The Butterfly pea flower is rich in a number of antioxidants which helps to support overall health and has been suggested to alleviate inflammation. A study in 2021 found that Blue Pea flower extract can help to increase skin hydration and another study in 2012 found that it was effective at promoting hair growth, which is why you’ll often see Blue pea flowers and Butterfly pea flowers on the ingredients list of hair and skin products. More health benefits of this incredible flower are constantly being discovered, it really is magic!

Flavour profile 

Blue pea flower tea is made from the dried flower petals of the Clitoria Ternatea plant, giving it a fresh and floral flavour and scent, it has a subtle sweetness and is often compared to chamomile and hibiscus tea. The scent is often described as earthy and intense whilst the flavour is a lot more delicate, we love adding some lemon to enhance the citrus notes or some honey for extra sweetness. 

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