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Blue Peaflower is unique, fun and creative. Did you know there's alot you can do with Blue Peaflower? Here's just a few EASY ( and we mean easy ) ideas to get you started...

Blue Peaflower Rice

Blue Peaflower Rice

The above is an image a customer sent us awhile back of their Lilo & Stitch Blue Rice Creation. Best of all, it's very easy to do!

Just steep your Blue Peaflower Tea in the amount of hot water you will be using to boil your rice in for a few minutes, then add that water to the rice and continue as usual.

Blue Peaflower Lemonade

Magic Blue Peaflower Lemonade

Impress the kids, or yourself, with the worlds easiest but prettiest trick. Blue Peaflower will change to purple instead of blue when lemon is added.

It's easy to create multicolour drinks that will turn heads at a party. Try adding lemon to crushed ice at the bottom of your drink for added effect.

Blue Peaflower Icecream

Blue Peaflower Icecream

We've kept these all so easy!
For this you'll need 600ml thickened cream,1 can condensed milk (397g), 2 tsps of Blue Peaflower.

- Whip cream until thickened.
- Add condensed milk and blue pea powder and continue to mix until combined.
- Transfer into a container and freeze until solid.
- Serve on its own or with fruit or other toppings.


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