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We hear the word organic being thrown around a lot these days but what about with tea bags? How can a tea bag be organic and why does that even matter? Well when you sit down to enjoy a cup of tea at the end of a long working day, we think you should be getting the best quality ingredients in every single cup.

What are Organic Tea Bags?

An Organic tea bag is a tea that has never come into contact with any chemicals. These chemicals could be pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers or chemicals used in processing the tea after the leaves have been harvested. Organic tea bags are containing tea leaves that have been farmed in a more sustainable way which produces a healthier end product for both the planet and the people. The tea bag itself will also never have come into contact with any chemicals and would never be bleached to achieve the bright white color of regular tea bags.

Why Should tea bags be Organic?

Did you know that many commonly used pesticides contain levels of toxic metals that are considered to be high when consumed? Not only do we consume these toxins when drinking tea from non-organic tea bags but the water that flows off of tea farms is often flowing into rivers and lakes which would therefore contaminate the water with the same toxic metals.

There was also a study in 2014 that showed Organic tea bags to be considerably healthier than the conventional alternatives. The levels of amino acids were measured along with the different kinds of catechins being analyzed. The study concluded that certain amino acid levels were found to be higher in the organic samples than in the conventional samples. The levels that were not higher were almost the same amount.

How do I Know if my Tea is Organic?

To check if you have purchased Organic tea bags or regular tea bags you should check the packaging. Somewhere on the outside of the packaging, there should be the organic produce symbol. It is normally located on the front of the box along with the words Organic tea bags or just organic. Some teas will put natural tea bags or all-natural tea bags on their packaging but this is not the same as organic tea bags. Only organic tea bags are totally chemical free and the tea leaves inside the bag will not have been washed until they are in your cup!

Where do I buy Organic Tea Bags?

There are beginning to be more options for shopping for Organic tea bags. Most grocery stores now carry many more Organic products as the demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products increases.

We also sell a fantastic pack of Organic tea bags which you can fill with your own preference of loose-leaf tea. 

These are a great way to easily make loose-leaf tea without any added chemicals. Many other empty tea bags are full of chemicals including bleach to achieve the white colour. This is definitely not an extra ingredient you want to include in your perfect cup of tea!

Tea Life sells certified Organic Tea, globally and Australian organically grown, wildcrafted & pesticide free with in house packaging, to allow for the highest quality storage conditions and protections against elements. Our packaging is 100% Eco Friendly & recyclable.


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