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As people are becoming more environmentally conscious, Organic products are becoming more readily available in stores. Not only are Organic products usually healthier for you but their environmental footprint is often much smaller than the conventional alternative. But, what does it mean for a product to be Organic and why else should it matter if my tea bags are Organic? Here we will discuss five reasons why you should be making the switch to Organic tea bags and where to purchase them!  

The Environmental Impact

Organic tea farmers are often found to be using more traditional methods of growing their tea. This means they use fewer chemicals, and less machinery and therefore produce a more sustainable tea in comparison to conventional tea. Some farmers even aim to use no machinery in their tea production which leaves their product having a very minimal carbon footprint. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, we definitely suggest choosing Organic tea bags! 

The Health Benefits

It has been proven that choosing Organic tea bags are a healthier choice when compared to conventional alternatives. Organic tea leaves were found to contain more antioxidants than regular tea leaves which can help to prevent heart disease and diabetes! Almost all Organic alternatives are at least slightly healthier than their conventional counterparts, not just tea! This is due to the lack of chemicals that are used in Organic food and drink production. Fewer chemicals and a more natural product will always be the healthier choice!  

Kinder to the Insects

This may sound a little crazy but insects are vital to sustaining human life on this planet! The annoying bugs we swat away all summer long are a seriously important part of their ecosystem. They are both foods for other creatures and some bugs can pollinate plants, some of which provide our food. In conventional tea production, farmers use many pesticides to protect their precious tea crops which means they may produce more tea each year but they also kill way more bugs while doing it! The pesticides they use often contain toxic metals which are also not the best for human consumption either. If you want to help out our insect friends then choose Organic tea!  

Fewer chemicals mean a Healthier Gut Balance

Many herbal teas are often consumed for their incredible digestive benefits. However, when conventional teas are exposed to many different chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides) and then washed before the tea leaves are dried, you lose many of the medicinal benefits naturally found in the tea. If you want to get the most benefits from your herbal tea then it is better to try Organic tea!  

Did you know Conventional Tea Bags contain Bleach? 

Yes, you read that correctly! To achieve the pristine white colour of a regular tea bag, they are bleached! This is obviously not something most people want to add to their mug of tea. Luckily, Organic tea does not go through this process so while your tea bags may have a slightly more rustic appearance, they do not contain any bleach. 

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We have also highlighted why  choosing organic tea bags is the better alternative than other packaging methods in another blog released in November.  

We sell Certified Organic Tea, globally and Australian organically grown, wildcrafted & pesticide free with in-house packaging, to allow for the highest quality storage conditions and protections against elements. Our packaging is 100% Eco Friendly & recyclable. So if you want to purchase Organic Tea Bags shop our website and take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $60 or shipping for just $5.95 for orders under.

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