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13 Interesting Facts About Tea


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  • Camellia Sinensis is green tea, black tea, puer tea, oolong tea and white tea. They're all quite different in taste and even colour - but they're all from the same plant. The only difference being the stage in growth that the plant is harvested and the methods used prior to packaging.

  • The processing of tea will often rob it of some anti-oxidants. If you compare black tea, green tea, and white tea - White tea has the highest levels of anti-oxidants due to minimal processing.

  • The first accounts of tea in history were from 2737 BC when an emperor in China named Shen Nung somehow had leaves blown into his pot of boiling water.

  • Black tea was originally invented as a way of preserving and exporting tea out of China during the long voyages to other countries. This is the reason as to why many countries outside of China are accustomed to black tea, whereas many within China still prefer less processed tea.

  • There are an estimated 1500 different kinds of tea in the world. If you factor in the newer blended and creative mixes, there's even more!

  • Black tea is called 'Red tea' in China.

  • A tea of the same type may not taste the same, depending on where it came from. Temperature and water quality pay an important role. This is one of the many reasons as to why most of our teas are made in Australia.

  • Rubbing damp tea leaves on your body acts as a great mosquito repellent.

  • 3 million tonnes of tea are produced every year.

  • Tea bags were invited in America in 1904.

  • Black tea makes up around 75% of all tea consumed year to year.

  • Solid blocks of tea used to be used as currency in Siberia.

  • The west has only been drinking tea for around 400 years. The east, around 4000.

  • Tea is actually the second most consumed beverage in the world. The first? Water!

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