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Health Benefits of Teas and Tisanes

Health Benefits of Teas and Tisanes 1

We recently found a great infographic (down below) that illustrates an easy to read flow chart containing some well known herbal teas, along with the reasons they are commonly used.
Is Tea Keto Friendly?

Is Tea Keto Friendly? 0

Short answer and long answer - Yes!

Virtually all tea is Keto safe and one of the main beverages that people will switch to when starting or maintaining a Keto diet as opposed to plain old water. This compounds with the benefits of tea such as better skin, digestion and metabolism rates ensuring that you really can't go wrong with the switch.

Which Teas Do I Drink - When and Why?

Which Teas Do I Drink - When and Why? 0

What do I drink when I have so many (too many) teas at my disposal? After a lot of drinking and testing, I thought I'd put a list together of teas that I commonly drink, when and why. I'm not sure how comprehensive this list will be, as there's a lot to cover and a lot I could say but I will keep it to the essentials and most worthy mentions...

Weight Loss Tea - An Opinion 1

You've probably seen them around. Ads for slimming tea, weight loss tea, "lose weight fast", presented to you on your web browser with flashing buttons coupled with before and after images of people miraculously gaining a six pack after drinking some weight loss tea....

What are the benefits of Ginger Tea? 0

Ginger tea with white cup

Now that Ginger Tea is just back in stock, now would probably be a good time to go into a little more depth about the benefits of Ginger Tea and what it can do for you.

Here's a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive about this particular tea type, along with some answers!

Interesting Facts About Tea 0

Tea and a book

At Tea Life we don't just sell tea, we love to educate on it too!
Here's a few facts about tea you may not have known...

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Reading through the reviews of the Cacao Chocolate Husk Tea I thought “well, maybe it’s vaguely chocolatey in taste, but these are the opinions of tea drinkers, not hard core chocolate drinkers such as me”. Still, curiosity saw me ordering the small 40g pack which arrived with other tea varieties I decided to sample. It’s been almost a fortnight since I received the Cacoa Tea and this morning I actually got around to opening the packet. I followed the suggestion about crushing the husks before steeping for 7 minutes and cautiously took a sip... Wow! Everything that other reviewers have posted is true! So here I am, back on the Tealife site, nursing my second cup of Cacao Tea and ordering the 160g packet...

Hi Liz, wow thank you I love this review :) We're reallllly hoping to get the price down this year further. It's always a bit of a pricey tea but we'll do our best.

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