It's actually a pretty good question, as the amount of tea, or at least the appearance of the amount of tea you'll get when you purchase 50g can vary quite a lot.

Types of Tea

The main three types are -


This is just what I like to call it. More commonly known as Hops tea.


Your regular black and green tea types, along with some herbal teas. This is the most common type and the amount you should normally expect.


This includes herbal 'roots' such as Valerian and a few other types. You can place less in the tea strainer to still get the full effect.

    So when you're ordering online with us, just keep in mind that the amount you'll receive may vary depending on the actual weight of the tea. In reality, this doesn't really affect the 'amount' you're getting that you can actually use.

    If you're brewing Hops tea, you'll need to use more than you would brew Bacopa tea - so it roughly all evens out in the end! It's easier to visualize, so here are a few images to help get a clearer understanding.

    Measurements of Different Types of Tea

    Bacopa Tea

    Here's 50g of Bacopa Tea...

    50 grams of Bacopa Tea

    Hops Tea

    and here's 50g of Hops tea (the kind I said was fluffy) for comparison...

    50 grams of hops tea

    You don't even want to know what 200g of hops tea looks like!
    Herbal teas do tend to be 'lighter' in general than more well known and regularly used teas - and therefore can increase the sizing of the packaging needed and therefore the shipping costs, which is one reason why they can be more difficult to find online.

    How Much Tea Should I Buy?

    Honestly, if you're just trying out a herbal tea for the first time - we strongly recommend the 50g option. This will give you more than enough time to see if you like the taste and if the benefits listed have the desired effects for your particular body type. Not every person will react the same way to every type of herbal tea.

    For example with stress and anxiety - some people may react better to Passionflower tea, whilst others may find more relief with Valerian tea.

    Also, keep in mind that you can re-use most tea up to three times. This will bring you over the stated 25 cups of tea per 50 grams and can last up to 6-8 weeks.

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