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Blue Peaflower Tea or the unbelievable colour-changing tea that is taking social media by storm, is packed full of incredible health benefits. Often mistaken as just a fun party drink, this tea contains loads of antioxidants and other wonderful benefits! 


As we have mentioned, blue peaflower tea is jam-packed full of natural antioxidants which can help our bodies since they are anti-bacterial, and anti-viral and some of the compounds found in this tea are also cancer-fighting. The antioxidant compounds are also what gives this tea its beautiful colour. 


The same compounds that contain the anti-oxidants within blue pea flower tea are also full of anti-inflammatory properties. Blue peaflower tea contains ternatins which have fantastic healing properties along with anti-inflammatory abilities. This tea is wonderful if you are suffering from blocked sinuses or the aches and pains associated with the flu! 

Helps the Brain 

For many years the Indian Ayurvedic medical system has used blue peaflower tea to treat conditions within the brain. Blue peaflower tea is said to treat anxiety, and ADHD, improve memory and even help alleviate the symptoms of depression. The compound acetylcholine which is found in blue peaflower tea is the reason behind all of these superpowers! Acetylcholine is memory-enhancing and essential for maintaining brain health! 

Improves your Vision 

The antioxidant anthocyanin is proven to increase the blood flow to a person's eyes. Anthocyanin is found within blue peaflower tea which means drinking this tea can help tired eyes, enhance night vision, reduce damage to the retinas and help treat glaucoma. 

Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels 

Another wonderful effect of blue pea flower tea is its ability to inhibit glucose intake which will help to stabilise a person's blood sugar levels. There have been studies which have shown people who regularly drink blue peaflower tea have less chance of developing diabetes and a reduced blood pressure level! 

Aiding Digestion 

The wonderful anti-inflammatory properties of blue peaflower tea make it great for treating digestive problems. You can enjoy blue peaflower tea to help treat nausea, and indigestion and soothe a stomach ache. 

Respiratory Health 

The anti-inflammatory nature of blue peaflower tea means that it is super good at treating any irritation within the lungs or other respiratory organs. Since 2018, a study has concluded that blue peaflower tea can be a reliable alternative treatment for asthma and many allergies! 

As you can see, blue peaflower tea is not just an incredible alternative medicine but also a delicious, colour-changing wonder to enjoy whenever! 

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Blue peaflower tea

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