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Hemorrhoids are normal parts of the human anal and rectum anatomy. These cushions of tissue play an important role in controlling bowel movement, because they prevent leakage by helping close the anal canal. Problems only arise when they swell, bleed, or protrude due to increased pressure caused by being overweight, lifting heavy objects, and chronic straining to have a bowel movement that can happen due to constipation. Swollen hemorrhoids are not fatal, but thrombosed hemorrhoids (which happens if the blood clot forms inside a vein) can become painful,

 Currently, we have 3 herbal teas that may help people that are suffering from swollen hemorrhoids. These are the Mullein tea which is full of tannins that may help in tightening hemorrhoidal tissue and stop bleeding, the Yarrow whose herb has been traditionally used to treat bleeding hemorrhoids, and the  Alfalfa tea which is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to relieve ulcers.

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    Elder tea

    Great to get quick delivery. Good also to get text re delivery time.

    Hi Carole, thanks for your feedback much appreciated!

    Mugwort Tea


    A really nice easy drink this one,a little honey even better still.

    Hi Adam, thank you for your review! It's quite common to add some honey into any of our herbal teas. Thank you for your feedback. :)
    Delicious Green Tea First Harvest

    The First Harvest Green Tea has a beautiful fragrance to it and tastes divine - refreshing & light. I love that Tea Life's tea is proper tea leaves.

    Very happy with the tea, service, prices and quick delivery