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Hemorrhoids are normal parts of the human anal and rectum anatomy. These cushions of tissue play an important role in controlling bowel movement, because they prevent leakage by helping close the anal canal. Problems only arise when they swell, bleed, or protrude due to increased pressure caused by being overweight, lifting heavy objects, and chronic straining to have a bowel movement that can happen due to constipation. Swollen hemorrhoids are not fatal, but thrombosed hemorrhoids (which happens if the blood clot forms inside a vein) can become painful,

 Currently, we have 3 herbal teas that may help people that are suffering from swollen hemorrhoids. These are the Mullein tea which is full of tannins that may help in tightening hemorrhoidal tissue and stop bleeding, the Yarrow whose herb has been traditionally used to treat bleeding hemorrhoids, and the  Alfalfa tea which is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to relieve ulcers.

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    Great tea, speedy delivery

    Tea is good quality. Delivery was fast. Would be good to have an option to add to order with 24 hours or before the posting process has begun, as I forgot a tea but didn't want to have to pay seperate delivery.

    Hi Daryan, Thank you for your review! I should put this up on the website somewhere but - if you forget to add something we can either a) refund the whole order for you to start again or b) provide you with a code for free shipping for your second order. If the total cost of both orders goes over $60 then we'll refund that first one too. or c) just let us know you've made two orders and we can refund for you same day. (usually we'll notice by ourselves and refund without any prompting anyway)
    Tasty tea

    Really nice tea, and very affordable. Bought some as a gift and the rose earl grey for myself.

    Hi Rasha, thank you for your review! Rose Earl Grey is our second most popular earl grey behind french.
    Love it

    Love this beautiful tea. Perfect for my well being and doesn't make me feel sick, like some other brands of green tea/Jasmine blends. I find this tea is very good quality, and very good value at the same time.

    Hi Caroline, thanks for your review! We've never had reports of anyone feeling sick with any of our jasmine or green teas - in fact we've heard a few like you that normally do have a chance to with other types but don't with ours!
    My new fav tea!

    This tea is amazing. I now drink it daily with rice milk, it tastes delicious!

    Hi Kylie, oh Rice milk would be interesting I'll have to try that some time. Thank you for your review!
    Chrysanthemum Golden Flower Tea

    The flowers were smaller than i expected compared to the photos. This tea purchase was for someone else but we tried it together. I'm not sure if it was just because it was at the top of the packet but the first 4 flowers i took out didn't have as many petals on them as shown in the photos.

    I did enjoy the tea and loved the brightness of yellow petals. I will be purchasing a packet for myself in my next order. It has a nice light and smooth taste.

    Hi There, thank you for your detailed review! The golden chrysanthemum flowers while pretty good quality - we can't keep them all the same unfortunately as they're all within the bulk of a pack and not individually wrapped. Re: Cautionary - I think you're quite right and when Tea Life first started the labels were done and then had plans to improve on them later on. However we've grown a bit too fast and labels have been put on the sidelines for awhile - but yes there is a lot of work that needs to be done to them and the pile keeps growing as we keep adding more teas! For now, since we're focused on online only and not so much on stocking supermarkets and shops we hope that people stay within the website/packaging ecosystem and have the info they need - it's almost okay but something we'll try to sort out asap.