A collection of tea specifically for reducing anxiety and stress. Herbal tea is great for this and seems to be one of natures natural cures, with Valerian, Passionflower, and Chamomile being the top contenders for the crown of stress reduction.

Most teas are naturally relaxing, but these caffeine free teas have just right right influence on the body mind and spirit to help promote a good nights rest and an easier day dealing with the burdens of our stressful life that we call the modern world. Find out more about tea for stress and anxiety here.

Tea for Anxiety and Stress

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Chamomile Tea
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Gotu Kola Tea
From $7.95
Lavender Tea
From $8.95
Passionflower Tea
From $7.95
Valerian Tea
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Pina colada

I wanted something healthy and cold to drink outside of water. I make a pot of tea with a dessert spoonful of the tea , leave it all day under the tea cosy and decant it later before bed into a 1.7 litre bottle and pop it into the fridge . I have shared a glass with my son and his girlfriend and we all love it. Easy to make and gorgeous to drink.

Hi Sheila, thanks for your great review - this ones universally popular with all ages across guys and girls. Make sure you try it iced too! I think it's much better iced actually and somehow helps to balance out the Hibiscus flavour a bit better.
Good product

Helps with sleep, dreams and dream retention.

Hi David, thanks for your review - we've seen others report back with increased dream clarity too!
Essiac Tea

Great product, fast delivery and great price, highly recommend Tea Life!

Hi Betty, Thank you - we do our best with shipping times and usually looking for ways to make things easier/faster.
Midday bloom

This tea has a very mellow flavour. Which is slightly sweet at the end. It's main flavour palate is dominated by the silver needle component. It does have a very subtle smokey aroma. It won't distract from any yummy meal it may be accompanied with.

Hi Casey, thank you for your review! We might be getting some new flavours in soon, depending on how the samples go.
Rose Tea

Beautiful tea.Perfect delivery.

Hi Bob, thanks for your review! Our Rose is particularly red and yummy.