Passionflower Tea

Tea Description

Passionflower Tea (Passiflora incarnata) is a natural sedative and sleeping aid. Due to sedative effects, this herb is known to help with pain, specifically muscle pain, headaches, and toothaches.
Passionflower has also shown promising results in studies and has demonstrated that it can be a strong herb in combating general anxiety disorder. Perhaps the most interesting quality of this herb is that it has also shown to be effective in fighting the effects of opiate withdrawal.
A truly wonderful herb that has some amazing uses!

Australian grown with love, from organic Australian suppliers.

Health Benefits

Passionflower tea has some very interesting benefits...

  • Aids sleep
  • Fights stress and anxiety
  • Reports indicate this is a good herb to drink if going through opiate withdrawal

How to brew Passionflower Tea

Bring water to near boiling, and add 2g to cup. Steep for 5 minutes.

Passionflower Tea Known Side Effects

Though no adverse effects of passion flower have been reported, large doses may result in CNS depression.


Customer Reviews

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Daneye D. Daneye

I Love your organic passionflower tea! I am a very happy returning customer and in future will continue to buy tea from your website. Lovely cute packaging and great price on postage!

The quality of the tea is fantastic, tastes wonderful and it leaves me feeling relaxed after a couple of cups. Thank you Tea Life!

Why buy online with Tea Life? What sets it apart?
We're not just another tea brand.
We focus on Australian grown and organic tea wherever possible.
Why organic and Australian?

  • Quality: Australian standards impose strict quality control on tea made within Australia.
  • Freshness: We only pack our tea upon your order. Until that time, it's kept within the bulk of the loose leaf tea. This dramatically increases freshness and taste.
  • Health: The full remedial powers, taste and aroma of our tea are unlocked due to our organic and fresh Australian produce.
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Our Guarantea to you,
is that we never want you to be blue.
We'll always do our very best,
To make sure we pass your test.

If one of our teas is not as described, we'll refund that tea. Quality is very important to us.

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