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Blue Butterfly Peaflower Tea
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Blue Butterfly Peaflower Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Blue Butterfly Peaflower Tea


Having enjoyed huge popularity in Asia for some time now, this Peaflower tea with a difference is slowly making it's way to western countries and mesmerizing whole new audiences with it's alluring colourful properties. The colour that Peaflower gives off is simply amazing, and completely unexpected. The shade of blue that slowly dances its way i...


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Burdock Tea
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Burdock Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Burdock Tea


The Burdock herb goes by a few other names such as Arctium lappa, beggar's buttons, love leaves, clot-bur.Herbalists will often use it for aiding ailments such as sore throat, the common cold, dandruff and hair loss.This tea can also increase sweating, which helps to remove toxins from the body. This could be the reason why many have reported th...


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Most impressive web page full of information. My order was personally dealt with giving great service and even better tea. Highly recommended

Hi David, thanks so much! It's not easy running a small business but reviews like yours give motivation to keep pushing forward. : ) The descriptions and health benefits are always a work in progress and will continue to be updated over time.
Hibiscus tea

Love the taste. Love the color . Thank you Tea for life.

Hi Connie, thanks for your review!

As I am doing a detox from alcohol, am finding this tea a good supplement to help my liver recover

Hi Gio, I think this may be one reason why this tea is so popular! Thanks for your review. : )

The quality is excellent and it came quickly. That's all I wanted, and it was nice to get it.

Thank you Helen!
Blue butterfly pea flower tea

Fantastic visual effect.