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Constipation is very common and almost everyone experiences it at some point. Whilst, bowel movement is different from one person to another, going three days or more without one is already too long, because at this stage, the stool becomes harder and more difficult to pass. Causes of constipation are difficult to identify, but it can be caused by not drinking enough water, not eating enough fiber, not exercising enough, ignoring the urge to pass a stool, and being stressed out. Other conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, and hemorrhoids can cause irregular bowel movements. Thus, a few lifestyle changes like drinking more fluids and eating foods rich in fiber may help prevent constipation.  

Laxatives are usually prescribed to treat people who are constipated. Here at Tea Life, we have herbal teas that have laxative effects like the Alfalfa whose potassium content may help those who have digestive problems, the Senna tea  which may help treat hemorrhoids, and the great tasting Bael Fruit tea which is also good for the heart.
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    Great service and product

    Love my new teas

    Thanks for your review on this new tea!
    Delicious and delightful on the eyes

    This tea is a very pleasant after dinner or in the morning for a bit of a pick-me-up! It is also a delightful blue colour when steeping and drinking it. Tea Life's shipping is also incredibly fast and the product arrives in perfect condition. Thanks Tea Life team!

    Excellent tea - fragrant and strong

    I am really enjoying this tea - no hint of bitterness!

    Great Australian tea


    I have enjoyed this tea and it is refreshing at the end of the day,.