Bael Fruit Tea - Everything you need to know!

Bael Fruit Tea is also known as Japanese Bitter Orange, Stone Apple, Wood Apple, and has a botanical name of Aegle marmelos L. Quite an interesting fruit in that it can be described as having a taste that is 'sweet, aromatic and pleasant, although tangy and slightly astringent', along with having a range of reported benefits too.

Bael fruit contains Vitamin C, Protein, Beta-carotene, Thiamine, and Ribovlavin.

Lets take a closer look at Bael Fruit!


Reducing blood cholesterol levels is a reported properly in Bael Fruit due to the Triglycerides, Serum and Tissue Lipid Profiles contained within. Probably one of the tastier ways available to help keep cholesterol under control!


Within India and Thailand, the juice extracted from Bael (normally in 'tea' form as it's difficult to extract otherwise) is traditionally used to help against infections. These days we know that this is due to Eugenol and Cuminaldehyde found within this fruit.

bael fruit tea side angle

Good for the Gastro area

Medicinally, the Bal fruit is actually normally used for the Gastro area - such as Gastric ulcers that have been caused by improper mucosa levels or stress within the gastric tract (normally oxidative) Phenolic compounds combined within antioxidant effects are the main players in the above.


Further to the above, and keeping in line with the Gastro area, Bael Fruit when consumed as a tea is the tried and true method of naturally reducing or eliminating constipation within India and Thailand. This is one reason as to why it's commonly consumed after meals! For further benefit try adding some salt and/or black pepper to further cleanse the intestines.

bael fruit tea style shot

Blood Sugar and Heart Health

If you can find some Ghee, try mixing bael tea with this and drinking daily to help prevent heart related diseases. Actually, definitely look into Ghee as a butter alternative if you haven't heard of it before - as 'The short chain fatty acids present in ghee are metabolized and used for energy immediately by the liver and resist being stored in the body as fat.' A reported reduction in blood sugar levels of 54% can be attained using this method.

Pancreas stimulation also occurs - promoting the  production of insulin, which can further help to maintain blood sugar.



Pramod Sharma

Pramod Sharma

Yes I consume bael fruit and good result especially constipation gone

Toral mehta

Toral mehta

I drank bael tea at thai massage shop today . This reminded me of childhood memory.
I remember mum used to make bael drink in summer . Cut the fruit soak in water add sugar serve chilled.

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