Note that credits can only be used for orders over $10 in value!

How do I get Tea Life loyalty points?

Generally any activity made under an email address will be saved to that email address, even if no account has been made. If you decide to make an account and have had activity under that email address previously, the points should be visible on login.

Non Tea Club members will earn 1% credit per order, while Tea Club members will earn 6% per order.

A list of ways to earn points can be found by logging in, clicking my account at the top right of the page (desktop view), then clicking 'my orders'. 
From there, click 'how to earn'.

credits page

A summary of ways is below:

  • Every order gains 1-6% credit of total value of order placed
  • You get $5 credit on your birthday!
  • Making an account gives access to credits
  • Subscribing to newsletter (bottom of this page) gives $5 credit


How do I get credit by referring people?

Login via the same instructions as above and then click 'refer friend'. You will then be able to find your link to share around and gain credits for orders placed by friends and family.

  • $5 credit for each of the first 3 orders by new referral


How to actually use my points?

This is probably the easiest part. If logged in, your total amount of points to use will be visible on the very first cart page just above the checkout button. Give it a bit of time to load if it hasn't appeared yet.

Select ' 'Select option to use store credit' button and a dropdown will appear allowing you to select that. It will then be applied to the order as a discount during the checkout process. Note that this uses the discount code box, so other discount codes can't be used at the same time.