Origins of Chamomile Tea

Dating at least as far back to Ancient Egypt, chamomile has been used across the world for millenniums as an herbal remedy. When it comes to herbal teas, you do not get much more classic then chamomile tea and there is a reason for its longevity and popularity. Derived from the word “ground apple”, namely due to its apple like smell, chamomile is a daisy-like flower with an incredible reputation for mainly its soothing and calming benefits. Used in Ancient Egypt to as a cold remedy, there were many different varieties of chamomile used but the two most common still used today are the Roman and German varieties. Both of these varieties contain antioxidants and other essential oils. It was considered a sacred plant by the Ancient Egyptians so it has been held in high regard for quite some time. The chamomile tea that is most commonly used today is the Roman variety, while it tends to have a bit more of a bitter taste compared to the sweeter German chamomile, the Roman chamomile is a perennial plant so unlike the annual German variety, it does not have to be replanted every year so it easier to grow. The German chamomile is not able to be grown as widely, therefore making it harder to find and cultivate. Chamomile is one of those plants that is synonymous with calming and soothing so there is no wonder chamomile tea has remained such a popular choice since ancient times.

origins of chamomile tea

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

For it to be used for such a long time, there has to be some benefits other than it tastes nice. Chamomile tea has built a reputation as being a calming tea for a reason. It is said that chamomile not just helps facilitate sleep but it can improve overall sleep quality. As it relaxes your nervous system and helps promote calm, it is a great, natural way to help treat insomnia. This calming effect is one of the reasons it is promoted to women when they are menstruating. Not only has it been reported to help with menstrual cramps but since it has that calming effect, the anxiety that often comes during menstruation can be relieved by consuming chamomile. Studies have also shown that it may have a strong impact on digestive health too, helping sooth the stomach and reduce acidity thus helping prevent against stomach ulcers and aiding digestive health. With numerous cancers linked to stress, there is no wonder why experts are suggesting it may also help reduce the risk of cancer. Along with chamomile containing a strong antioxidant called apigenin, which has been shown in studies to help kill cancer cells. Like many herbal teas, chamomile tea also is considered anti-inflammatory, which aids in relieving symptoms associated with chronic pain and arthritis. Inflammation can also cause other major issues in the body, especially in the stomach thus being able to reduce inflammation can help stop the body from developing ailments like haemorrhoids, stomach pain and even mental disorders like depression and anxiety. There is a reason there is such a hype around chamomile tea so next time you are having issues sleeping then try chamomile tea to help you relax.


Tea Life Chamomile Tea

At Tea Life, we highly recommend chamomile tea as a great tea to aid in relaxation, better sleep and even to help with sore throats. Selling loose leaf and flower tea, our packs of tea come in 40g, 80g and 160g so you can get the right amount to suit your needs. For the perfect cup, we recommend adding one and a half teaspoons to a strainer in hot water. For the best taste, steep for three to four minutes, as it is quite a light tea and cover it while doing so to keep those aromas in. Boiling water is fine with this tea, you do not have to be as precise with the temperature as other types of teas and blends. The best way to drink chamomile is without milk, and while you can have sugar, honey is the more popular option as it just adds to that soothing quality that chamomile already has. The quality of our chamomile tea means that our tea is lighter and sweeter than many store-bought teas so you are able to combine it with other herbal blends to really get all the different benefits that different teas have to offer. With an emphasis on high quality teas packed with love, our customers love our chamomile tea and we are sure you will too.

Other ways Chamomile Has Been Used

There is no doubt about it, chamomile tea is truly a superior tea. While the benefits of chamomile tea have been well documented and the drinking of it as a tea is a tale almost as far back as humans have been recording, there are other ways the chamomile plant can be used. It also can take other forms too. Not just having a calming effect on the mind, chamomile lotion can also be used to calm skin as well. Being an anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial, it was used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to help treat wounds and even today, it is used to help relieve psoriasis and eczema. It is also good for calming down sunburn and can be a great alternative to aloe vera for those who may be allergic. It is often included in a lot of lotions, balms and bars as it has been suggested that it aids skin health, particularly due to its moisturising properties. Ultimately, this incredible plant has been used in a multitude of different ways, internally and externally, to help create calm in the body. Whether it is having a relaxing cup of chamomile tea to help promote sleep or it takes the form of a lotion to lather over the body to calm down a raging sunburn, chamomile has its soothing reputation for a reason and it has been that way for over thousands of years.