More than 400 types of bacteria live within the digestive tracts, although less than 1% of these bacteria can do any harm. Those than do - can have a negative effect on health such as diarrhea. Certain types of tea has been shown to be able to improve digestive health by changing the intestinal environment and creating an atmosphere suitable for the growth of more beneficial bacteria by providing oils or other means of protecting or calming the stomach.

Ginger and Peppermint are universally well known to aid with the above and go great as a relaxing after dinner tea!

Tea for Digestion

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Cats Claw Tea
From $8.95
Chaparral Tea
From $7.95
Clove Tea
From $7.95
Fennel Tea
From $11.95
Goats Rue Tea
From $7.95
Hops Tea
From $8.95
Juniper Tea
From $7.95
Lemon Verbena Tea
From $8.95
Linden Tea
From $7.95
Liquorice Tea
From $7.95
Marshmallow Tea
From $7.95
Meadowsweet Tea
From $7.95
Mugwort Tea
From $7.95
PawPaw Leaf Tea
From $8.95
Pennyroyal Tea
From $7.95
Peppermint Tea
From $10.95
Rama Tulsi Tea
From $7.95
Spearmint Tea
From $7.95
Stevia Tea
From $7.95
Vervain Tea
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Wormwood Tea
From $7.95
Yarrow Tea
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Yerba Mate Tea
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Tea Life is the best

Haha thank you! I've shared this to our Facebook page :)
Best Peppermint Tea

I love peppermint tea and have tried many loose leaf and bag varieties over the years. This tea is the BEST one I have had. I could tell I was in for a magical experience from the moment I opened the packet. It tastes wonderful. I could not recommend this tea highly enough. I will be buying more in the future!

Hi Sarah - wow what a great review, thank you! That's much appreciated. We've always got a lot on hand as we need to use this for a lot of other blends as well :)
Great tea and great service

The Teas are great taste and awesome quaility love drinking the night wish

Hi Leanne, thank you - this one was created as it's different to the rest of the other bedtime teas such as goodnight sleeping.
Another lovely mellow tea bloom

The yellow chrysanthemum bloom is very beautiful sitting on it's bed of green as this bloom opens into a slightly aniseed smelling tea at first, but when fully brewed tastes like a mellow silver needle tea that has a very subtle, fruity, sweet overtone. It's not overpowering or dominating in anyway and is very refreshing.

Hi Casey, thank you for your review! I really hope those samples have arrived....
Happy with my tea

Unable to purchase Decaf leaf tea from the supermarket It was refreshing to find that i could purchase this seemingly elusive product online at "Tea Life".
The service was excellent and the tea arrived promptly. I'm very happy with my tea purchase and would recommend this company. Many thanks Tea Life.

Hi Liz, thank you. We'd love to expand our decaf range actually but it's difficult to get a hold of. Hopefully this year will bring some new decaf teas!