Here is a list of tea curated for helping reduce the general symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, emotional imbalance and anxiety.

Tea for Menopause

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Melissa Tea
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Lady's Mantle Tea
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Red Clover Tea
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Liquorice Tea
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Raspberry Tea
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Chaste Tea
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Lemon Verbena Tea

Amazing Peach Tea ever!!!!!

I love it as soon as I open package. The shipment was super fast. It said it may take 3-7days average but it arrived just in 2 days. The scent of the tea is very amazing, the smell of the tea blended with peach it makes me feel so relaxed and drinking it delicious. 1000% worth the money.I will definitely continue purchasing your products. Thank you for your services.

Hi Jolie - I'm glad that arrived in time. We've actually changed $2 shipping to be $3 shipping now in order to be able to place a priority sticker on it - which SHOULD make them all as fast as you got yours. Really happy to get some reviews going for these fruit teas as they're fairly new here - much appreciated!
Tea Life - Tea LOVE

I'd been looking for high quality loose-leaf organic herb teas for ages - with little success. I stumbled across the Tea Life website one day, phoned with a bunch of questions - and placed my first order. I've not looked back - and as a result still have many boxes of unused organic tea bags in the pantry!!! It's hard to go back to tea bags. Everything about dealing with this company is delightful, right down to the educational content on their website - and the gorgeous messaging on their post bags!!! My current 'tea crush' is Melissa... but I like to order a 'new' one to try each time I stock up on my staples like Green, Sencha, Lemongrass, etc.

Hi Jenny - I also feel a bit odd using tea bags now, they're quite different for many reasons. We're usually well stocked on Melissa as a large perfume company in America buys a lot from us occasionally so we can't be caught out when those orders do come through. If you'd ever like suggestions on what to try next please let me know!
great tea

Valerian tea has normally both a strong taste and smell but I found Tea Life Valerian Tea to be much milder and more enjoyable than previous brands I have tasted. i drink it every night (without holding my nose!) Will definitely buy again.

Hi Suzanne, thanks! Our Valerian still isn't for everyone as you can tell from the reviews - but we'll recommend Damiana as a strong alternative in those cases. But for the most part, we see a lot of people getting great use out of Valerian.
Gymnema Tea Taste

Thankyou for my order. It came nice and quick and was fulfilled. I just have one question, and that's why does Gymnema Tea taste so bad? and am I using it incorrectly? should I be mixing it with other teas and in smaller amounts?
Kind regards

Hi Lindsey, thanks for your review! Gymnema is really naturally very bitter, with it normally being consumed for health purposes. A bit more on this here: The best counter to this is normally honey - which we'd recommend with most herbal teas that are bitter or odd. It can be difficult to get across the taste when selling herbal teas, as we'll be the first to admit that some don't taste great! I'll also send through an edit request as you probably don't want your email listed on our website! :)