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It is no news that headaches are common in our fast-paced modern society. In Australia, 4.9 million people suffer from migraine and up to 7 million people experience tension-type headaches. Even though, headaches are very common and many of the occurrences are not fatal, the discomfort that sufferers experience often leads to decrease in quality of life and reduction in work capacity.

Whilst most people often deal with headaches by taking painkillers, it is not always advisable to do so, because long-term use of painkillers can cause harm in the long run. Teas like the lavender tea can help relieve headache, lower stress, and treat insomnia. Our lemon myrtle tea is not only great-tasting, but it is also high in Vitamin C, antiseptic properties, and magnesium which can help soothe pain. All around herbs like the meadowsweet are also beneficial for pain relief, chronic ulcers, and hyperacidity.  With our different selections of tea, it is now easier and safer to deal with different types of headaches, because we offer only what is good, natural, and organic.

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    1963 reviews
    Elder tea

    Great to get quick delivery. Good also to get text re delivery time.

    Hi Carole, thanks for your feedback much appreciated!

    Mugwort Tea


    A really nice easy drink this one,a little honey even better still.

    Hi Adam, thank you for your review! It's quite common to add some honey into any of our herbal teas. Thank you for your feedback. :)
    Delicious Green Tea First Harvest

    The First Harvest Green Tea has a beautiful fragrance to it and tastes divine - refreshing & light. I love that Tea Life's tea is proper tea leaves.

    Very happy with the tea, service, prices and quick delivery