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The Ancient Romans used a herb called Silphium to treat many ailments including sore throat. It was considered a wonder herb which was used during the ancient times as a seasoning, perfume, aphrodisiac, or as a medicine. It is now extinct, but there are still many herbs today that are still as useful as this one and we are happy to say that many of these can be found here at Tea Life.

Take Hyssop as an example. This tea is not only good for sore throat; it is also used for digestive and intestinal problems, intestinal pain, intestinal gas, colic, loss of appetite, and respiratory problems.  Other teas that can help ease the irritation in the throat include the Lady’s Mantle Tea (which is also perfect for women suffering from PMS), Marshmallow Tea (which aids digestion), and the Essiac Tea (which is considered a preventive blend because of its powerful components that strengthen the immune system).

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    Cherry green tea

    This, so far is my favourite green tea. Its so delicious, l have all these others but l keep making a cup of cherry green ♡♡♡

    Hi Jen, thank you for your review! Agree, most of the fruit infused black and green teas here are quite interesting, my fav would be cherry and lychee I think :)
    The best service and pure herbal tea

    The service and information for each tea is excellent .

    My fav tea ❤... feel like drink a candy.. and I love the packaging... thank you tealife for made my day with this tea..

    Hi Tania, thanks for your review! This one is fairly sweet - and one that's perfect for iced tea too. In Asia it's normally used that way.
    Very Happy!

    I’m really happy with tea, I’m quite fussy when it comes to the jasmine blends. This is one of the best I’ve had. 👍

    Hi Prema, thanks so much for your review! I really like this one so I've shared it to our Facebook Page :)
    Chamomile tea

    This tea is fantastic for sleeping and it's dried to perfection