Certain teas are well known to promote circulation and energize the body, such as Ginger Tea and Safflower Tea. Antioxidants in general are just plain good for circulation, which most teas will contain by default.

Studies also show that black tea improves blood vessel health, which in turn improves circulation. Green tea has also been shown to reduce the risk of artery disease. In this list, we've included what is traditionally used to improve circulation on the herbal sides of things in ways that differ to green and black tea .


Tea for Circulation

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Ginger Tea
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Ginger Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Ginger Tea


During the cold Winter season, there's nothing quite like a hot cup of Ginger Tea! Containing vitamin C, magnesium and a wide range of other minerals, this tea helps to soothe an upset stomach, reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation by relaxing muscles surrounding the blood vessels, and strengthen the immune system.Also great for nausea!...


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Safflower Tea
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Safflower Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Safflower Tea


Safflower Tea bears a striking colour and was used for centuries in ancient times for food colouring and fabrics, along with being a cheaper substitution for Saffron.Today we know that this herb is also great for the following and with cholesterol reduction being a major use for this herb: Circulation - A natural blood thinner, this herb assists...


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Butchers Broom Root Tea
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Butchers Broom Root Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Butchers Broom Root Tea


Butchers Broom Root (Ruscus aculeatus L) is also known as Knee Holly, Sweet Broom, Box Holly and Jew's Mantle. This has been used as a remedy for a number of ailments such as circulatory issues, diuretic, gallstones and many others. However where Butchers Broom really shines and why we have made this an addition to our Tea Life range is the effe...


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Blue sleepy time yea

Very happy with this tea. Works a treat, mild flavour and blue colour is very enticing. Thank you Tea Life for another magical tea.

Hi Patti, thanks for your great review! This has always been one of our most loved blends, so we were a little nervous to add the blue and change it a bit but it seems to have gone down well.
Love it!

This is a really comforting, mild flavoured tea. I loved the service and the personal touches on the packaging. Will definitely be buying more Aussie organic teas!

Hi Jill, Thanks for your review! We've seen good results from this one and happy to see it help some of our customers.

Shipped within estimate time

Hi Juin, thank you for your review - we always ship as fast as possible! From there it's up to Australia Post to deliver quickly :)

Blue Butterfly Peaflower Tea


An outstanding herbal tea, with wonderful taste

Thanks Andrew, we love this one too!