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There's a few herbal teas that are actually quite effective at reducing the symptoms of the common cold in a natural and safe way by various means such as Liquorice root helping protect the throat, Echinacea reducing the duration and severity, Peppermint for reducing congestion, and even Yarrow tea for helping to boost a tired immune system.

Of particular interest may be our Cold and Throat tea, based on a traditional remedy that naturally soothes the throat and reduces the duration of symptoms.

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    2320 reviews

    So happy with beautiful products smells divine. Glad we found you

    Hi Christine, thank you for your review! I fixed up the star rating for you too :)
    Great product

    Fantastic tea and loads of fun to show the kids.

    Hi Amanda, thanks for your review! Yes I like showing off this one too :)

    Matcha Tea

    It taste amazing 🙌🏻 I love it

    I went out with friends this one night and my friend ordered this tea. It smelt amazing, so we asked the place we’re they got it and order it straight away!!

    Hi Trace, thank you! This is one of the first teas we got up on Tea Life and has done really well. We'll continue to sell it and perhaps create some more blends based on Lemon Myrtle in the future too as it does mix quite well.
    Green Tea

    Purchased 2 small bags of Green Tea First Harvest for myself and a friend to try. Loved the flavour so much have re-ordered the next size for both of us.
    We can highly recommend this tea a wonderful flavour and not bitter like the usual Green Tea.

    Hi Jenny - that green tea is quite special and we'll be supplying it as long as we can get it!