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Low libido is caused by a number of reasons. Some of these are psychological, others are physical, and there are cases when it’s both. Psychological issues can include  stress, anxiety, depression, and exhaustion. Sometimes, a low sex drive is the result of underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, thyroid problems, cancer, or a major surgery.

While we still believe that the best way to deal with many cases of low libido is to see a doctor or undergo a psychosexual therapy, we have teas that may help increase sex drive and sexual function naturally such as the Horny Goats Weed Tea or the Ginko Tea, which is also good for depression.
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    3369 reviews
    Relaxing and Delicious

    I go through periods where my sleep is patchy, this tea is so relaxing and tasty, I add the Valerian tea to the pot as well - has helped to improve sleep quality.

    Earthy flavour

    I like the deep earthy flavour of this tea. I drink it often, adding a little to my night time tea before bed.

    Love it

    I love this tea, I just like the flavour and bouquet it leaves. Sometimes I like to add a little honey.


    Good quality of tea,will purchase again

    Great Delivery

    Ta Life have a great range of organic teas to suit every occasion. You can buy with confidence with this company who have great customer service plus fast delivery.