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Whilst drinking tea may help us lose weight, herbal teas alone are not enough to help anyone achieve their desired weight. Self-discipline, choosing a healthy lifestyle and determination are all required if one wants to get a better physique. Therefore, losing weight can be hard work and is the byproduct of lifestyle choices.

Currently, we have teas that help promote safe weight loss which can work great when paired with a healthy lifestyle. Examples of these are the Hibiscus tea that can speed up metabolism, the Turmeric tea whose health benefits can be found in this link, the Chickweed and Horsetail Field teas which are both natural diuretics, and the Yerba Mate, a caffeinated tea that is also good for the skin.
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    Great service and product

    Love my new teas

    Thanks for your review on this new tea!
    Delicious and delightful on the eyes

    This tea is a very pleasant after dinner or in the morning for a bit of a pick-me-up! It is also a delightful blue colour when steeping and drinking it. Tea Life's shipping is also incredibly fast and the product arrives in perfect condition. Thanks Tea Life team!

    Excellent tea - fragrant and strong

    I am really enjoying this tea - no hint of bitterness!

    Great Australian tea


    I have enjoyed this tea and it is refreshing at the end of the day,.