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Tea and Diabetes have an interesting relationship - with studies showing mixed results but mainly focused around green tea. The general rule for diabetics is not to add milk to tea your tea, as this can reduce the insulin-sensitising effects.

According to, a 2009 study showed drinking three cups of tea per day could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 40 per cent.

Tea, along with a healthy diet - is a great way to in managing diabetes. The teas to avoid would be any containing sugar (our herbal range is of course all sugar free), or tea containing artificial additives.
Please note that research is still ongoing in this area, so please consult with your doctor before any radical changes to your diet or introducing new teas.



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    Great service and product

    Love my new teas

    Thanks for your review on this new tea!
    Delicious and delightful on the eyes

    This tea is a very pleasant after dinner or in the morning for a bit of a pick-me-up! It is also a delightful blue colour when steeping and drinking it. Tea Life's shipping is also incredibly fast and the product arrives in perfect condition. Thanks Tea Life team!

    Excellent tea - fragrant and strong

    I am really enjoying this tea - no hint of bitterness!

    Great Australian tea


    I have enjoyed this tea and it is refreshing at the end of the day,.