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Truth be told, most teas are good for the heart and cardiovascular health with studies showing that those who drink over 3 cups a day having a 45% reduced risk of heart disease. While Black and Green tea are known to be some of the leaders in cardiovascular health tea, our list here focuses on a range of not as commonly known benefits such as Hibiscus Tea being known to be good for lowering blood pressure which in turn is good for the heart.

With most herbal teas we recommend drinking more than one cup a day for the full effects and don't forget - you can usually reuse the same leaves/herbs more than once!

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    2561 reviews
    Great service and product

    Love my new teas

    Thanks for your review on this new tea!
    Delicious and delightful on the eyes

    This tea is a very pleasant after dinner or in the morning for a bit of a pick-me-up! It is also a delightful blue colour when steeping and drinking it. Tea Life's shipping is also incredibly fast and the product arrives in perfect condition. Thanks Tea Life team!

    Excellent tea - fragrant and strong

    I am really enjoying this tea - no hint of bitterness!

    Great Australian tea


    I have enjoyed this tea and it is refreshing at the end of the day,.