Truth be told, most teas are good for the heart and cardiovascular health with studies showing that those who drink over 3 cups a day having a 45% reduced risk of heart disease. While Black and Green tea are known to be some of the leaders in cardiovascular health tea, our list here focuses on a range of not as commonly known benefits such as Hibiscus Tea being known to be good for lowering blood pressure which in turn is good for the heart.

With most herbal teas we recommend drinking more than one cup a day for the full effects and don't forget - you can usually reuse the same leaves/herbs more than once!

Tea for Cardiovascular Health

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Astragalus Tea
From $7.95
Bacopa Tea
From $8.95
Ginger Tea
From $7.45
Hawthorn Berry Tea
From $7.95
Hawthorn Leaf Tea
From $7.95
Hibiscus Tea
From $7.95
Mother Wart Tea
From $7.95
Rama Tulsi Tea
From $7.95
Safflower Tea
From $9.95
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I've been drinking Infused Green Teas for a few years now.. but I decided to give the Tea Life Strawberry Green Tea a go.. basically cause I was too Lazy to go to the shop and get some.

But WOW.. I've actually found a green Tea that is nice to drink.. I always thought the horrible after taste was just the way Green Tea was meant to be.. but this tea, has a lovely strawberry scent and no after taste at all!! I'm converted and I'll be back for more soon!!

Hi Allie thanks so much for your amazing review - this is a new range and happy to finally get the first reviews coming through. Thank you for being one of the first brave testers! :)

Willow Herb Tea


A wonderful rose scent and a great addition to the regular earl grey I usually have!

Thank you Jen, I hope you have a good xmas!
Chickweed Tea

I purchased chickweed tea, and the order came the next day, the service is impeccable. The tea was savoury, taste fresh and beautiful. My daughter had a kidney infection which cleared up after taking this tea for a few days. It’s a tea I now drink regularly with my daughter.

Hi Fadya, Thank you for your review! I'm glad that helped. I also didn't know that a possible next day delivery to your location was possible with Sendle so that's also good to know. Thank you!
Essiac Tea
Essiac tea purchase

I find the Essiac tea sold by this company to be very authentic and I highly recommend it for just about any medical condition.I am 70 andI always notice a positive improvement when I take it.Good prompt service also keeps me coming back God bless Helen

Hi Helen, Thank you for your kind review much appreciated!