If you know a thing or two about herbal tea, you are probably familiar with hibiscus tea, which comes from the hibiscus plant. It is known for its numerous health benefits. The plant has a few hundred species, but the one that is used for the making of hibiscus tea is called hibiscus sabdariffa. In this post, you are going to learn almost everything you need to know about this herbal tea. 

Further Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

First of all, hibiscus tea is full of antioxidants. That is why consuming hibiscus tea can prevent cell damage. Several studies have proved that hibiscus extract can increase anti-oxidant enzymes in the bloodstream. More studies are needed to understand this aspect. 

This tea has another important benefit: it can lower blood pressure. People with high blood pressure find hibiscus tea very helpful. It can lower both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. According to multiple studies, hibiscus tea is significantly more effective than placebo. 

However, if you are taking hydrochlorothiazide, hibiscus tea is not recommended for you because this drug can interact with the properties present in this herbal tea. If you are dealing with slightly high blood pressure and you are not currently taking any medication, hibiscus tea can be really a good option for you. 

If you have issues with high fat levels, you might find is amazing herb really helpful. According to one study, black tea and hibiscus tea are equally effective for treating high blood fat levels. The results are not conclusive because some conflictive results have come from other studies. If you have diabetes or metabolic syndrome, hibiscus tea can be a great choice for you. Further research is needed to fully understand this effect. 

Hibiscus tea has also been proved to aid liver health. It breaks down fat and produces proteins. If you have issues with your liver health, you can try this tea. Hibiscus extract has properties that can protect your liver from getting damaged. For thousands of years, humans have consumed hibiscus plant to treat various liver issues. 

Weight Loss and Hibiscus Tea

If you are trying to lose weight with insignificant results, here is some good news for you. This herbal tea can promote weight loss. Many people suffering from obesity are now taking this tea. According to one study in which 36 obese people participated, hibiscus tea was effective for reducing hip-waist ratio, body mass index, body fat, and overall body weight.

This tea can be effective for protecting against obesity. The hibiscus plant has been used for this purpose for centuries. Hibiscus tea can be consumed hot or cold, partly because it tastes amazing. You can consume as much as you like because it has no calories. It can be a great alternative to fruit juices, sodas and sugary drinks. However, artificial sweeteners can be dangerous. Some people have figured it out and started drinking hibiscus tea. 

Obesity is often linked to high stress levels. Hibiscus tea helps obese people mainly because it contains ingredient known as polyphenols. It reduces cortisol, which is a stress hormone often responsible for obesity. 

There is another good reason why you should drink hibiscus tea for weight loss. It is widely known that drinking water can help you lose weight. But drinking tasteless plain water is not always a pleasant experience. In some cases, hibiscus tea can be a great alternative to plain water. Some people like to mix this tea with fruit juice. In order to lose fat, you must adequately hydrate your body. And hibiscus tea makes it very easy to hydrate your body. 

Besides helping you lose weight, hibiscus tea keeps your mind and body healthy. According to a study published in 2010, people with high blood pressure can benefit from hibiscus tea. The research recommended drinking it at least 3 times in 24 hours. 

If you are considering consuming hibiscus tea for weight loss, we have a piece of advice for you. By no means sweeten your hibiscus tea with honey or sugar. If you do it, the mixer will not help you lose weight; it will make you more likely to gain weight. The reasons are obvious. When you are adding honey or sugar, you are in fact adding calories to the drink. So, do not make this mistake. 

If you have issues with high cholesterol levels, we have some good news for you. Hibiscus tea can lower the levels of cholesterol, according to a 2004 study. People with high cholesterol levels know that mainstream medications often fail to fix this issue. They can find this herb very helpful. 
Immunity Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

If you have a weak immune system and suffer from various chronic diseases, try drinking hibiscus tea. It can strengthen your immune system. It contains vitamin C and some other properties which are antibacterial and anti inflammatory. People suffering from seasonal flu can greatly benefit from this tea. If you take it for about a month, your immune system will be better prepared to fight viruses. 

If you are getting through a flu or bad cold, this herb can do wonders for you. When your immune system is strong, you will no longer suffer from diseases that are easily available. The mainstream medical practitioners often hide this fact because the truth will hurt the drug companies that feed on the weak immune system of the masses. 

The herb contains lots of phenolic compounds which make you better prepared to fight seasonal flu. If you want to boost your immune system for any reason, starting to drink this tea can be a really good idea. 

Some people argue that boosting ones immune system is practically impossible, but their logic is inherently flawed. There are certain lifestyle changes that can help to boost your immune system. While drinking hibiscus tea is not the only way to strengthen your immune system, it is one of the easiest ways to make yourself better prepared to fight some health issues. 

If you really want to boost your immune system, make sure you pay attention to how you live. If you are a chain smoker, drinking this wonderful tea will not do wonders for you. Before you add something good to your life, try to change your unhealthy lifestyle. 

Genetics play a role, but you can still do something to boost your immune system. Besides drinking hibiscus tea, make sure you exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Chronic stress and distress can weaken your immune system. That is why you should not worry too much about the little things of life. 

Drinking Hibiscus tea is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay healthy and fight off diseases. Adding this amazing herb to your diet is one of the best things you can do for your health.