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Burdock Root Tea
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Burdock Root Tea, Herbal Tea Tea Life

Burdock Root Tea


The Burdock herb goes by a few other names such as Arctium lappa, beggar's buttons, love leaves, clot-bur.Herbalists will often use it for aiding ailments such as sore throat, the common cold, dandruff and hair loss when applied topically.This tea can also increase sweating, which helps to remove toxins from the body. This could be the reason wh...


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Brilliant tasting fresh honey. Just YUM!!

Thanks Linda! Our honey is fairly new so I think you're the first review - much appreciated! :)
rich in flavor

tasty and rich in flavor. With small 40g bag you get you a lot of volume

Hi Ola - Yes the Peppermint base of this tea really fluffs it out a lot! :)
Linden Tea

Beautiful packaging and tastes fresh and wonderful. The effects have been significant thank you so much

Hi Rose - thank you - Linden is always a nice tea to have and we're happy you like our one.

All good

Thanks Sam!
Service plus

Great product and very prompt service.... pleasure buying from this supplier!!

Thanks Dagmar, hope to see you again soon!