A Guide to Teas you Should Drink to Help Relieve Stomach Pain and Bloating

It's Christmas day and you're feeling bloated and have severe stomach pain. Oh no! Well, it's okay actually, there are some things we can do about that. There is a range of teas with proven results that naturally assist with that uncomfortable bloating feeling associated with overeating.

Have you ever noticed your heart rate increases sometimes after eating? Digestion is actually pretty hard work for your body and can give it a bit of a workout and involves the changing of blood pressure and diversion of blood to organs working a bit harder than usual.

The following list of teas is the perfect after-meal drink to help digest, settle, and relax.

Tea Remedy to Reduce Bloating

Click the link above to check it out! We have to start with this one because it was made for the very purpose of helping to reduce bloating. What's inside? It's quite simple actually, as all of the ingredients in this blend are powerful enough to stand on their own but when combined can easily create a simple yet powerful and yummy recipe!

bloating remedy tea containing blend of organic large leafed Peppermint, Liquorice and Fennel

The picture above is a blend of organic rather large-leafed Peppermint, Liquorice, and Fennel.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermints soothing effect on bloating and gas are well documented, containing various oils for relaxant and antispasmodic properties that are going to help with your cramping, and many stomach related areas such as the GI tract, gallbladder, and even the bile duct.

Benefits of Peppermints

What this translates to is basically improved flow of food throughout the digestive system and allowing your body to more easily do what it should be doing!
Say sorry to your body for eating too much with some Peppermint.

Fennel Tea

Next up is Fennel, which has a bit of an aniseed/liquorice taste. Fennel is really really good for the digestive tract!

Benefits of Fennel

Similarly, with Peppermint, Fennel contains compounds that relaxes the GI and helps to avoid spasms.
If you're spasming down there - it makes it more difficult for your digestive system to allow things to pass through.

fennel tea for stomach pain

Liquorice Tea

Liquorice is both for taste and function in this blend. The root of this plant is actually very blendable (new word?) and found in a variety of teas for this reason. It can also add a certain sweetness, whilst avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Benefits of Liquorice

Used since ancient times due to the cooling and soothing effect Liquorice has on the stomach - a good concentration of anti-inflammatory compounds is the savior in Liquorice that provides relief against things such as heartburn, digestive issues, and acid reflux.

liquorice tea for bloating and soothing

Keep in mind that none of the above teas contain any caffeine at all so are safe to drink right after dinner without the risk of keeping you up at night. In fact, many report this blend aiding with sleep. 

Other notable mentions for teas that can help against bloating are...

Ginger Tea

We'd actually like to include this in the blend above, but too afraid to change the tried and true recipe. Ginger fights against nausea and also contains a compound unsurprisingly named 'Gingerol'. This compound helps with bloating.


Chamomile Tea

Chamomile, while not as strong or traditionally used for bloating - does have a very calming effect on both the body and the digestive system. It can simply take away the stress of digestion and if your mind and body are relaxed, digestion will be a lot easier. Anti-inflammatory properties can also help this along.

What should I avoid to stop bloating?

Four culprits you may wish to avoid are Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, and Legumes.

Why? Something called Raaffinose is contained within, which is a sugar that doesn't digest normally and quickly as everything else will. It will sit in your gut fermenting! This produces gas and will increase bloating.

If your digestive system is equipped to handle this well, you may just experience increased gas after eating - but for those of you that do experience bloating issues, the above 4 can make for some unpleasantly painful times as gas builds up, spasming is occurring, and there's no pathway for release. 


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