Essiac Tea

Tea Description

Way back in the 1920s, some rumors started to circulate from within the forests of Ontario Canada about a tea that can help fight against cancer. A nurse going by the name of Renee Caisse was purportedly the holder of a secret tea blend she had discovered - of which she protected up until just before her death...

While we won't claim this tea will fight/prevent cancer as some others do, this combination of herbs does have a very good level of antioxidants, along with compounds within this blend proven to have a protective mechanism to help prevent DNA damage/degradation and positively affect the immune system.

For more information view our article on Essiac Tea here.

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Health Benefits

Due to the high amount of vitamins within this tea, it's hard to list them all so here's just a few...

  • Amazingly plentiful in Antioxidants
  • Very good for the immune system
  • Great preventative medicine
  • Also good for sore throats

How to brew Essiac Tea

This one is a little different to your usual pour and go teas.

  • 35 grams for every 1 liter of water
  • Add to boiling water in the pot for 10 mins
  • Leave covered overnight
  • The next day bring it to steaming, but not a boil
  • Let it cool again - and it's ready
  • After this, it should be kept refrigerated

Essiac Tea Known Side Effects

Can cause the immune system to become more active, so use with caution if you have an auto-immune disease.


Customer Reviews

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Happy with this

Good product

Number one tea for boosting your immune system

I am a Naturopath and was looking for "Essiac Tea" to buy and came across Toby's site. He didn't have this tea, but offered to source the ingredients and here it is. What a guy!!
This tea has enormous cancer fighting properties and is an immune system booster...drink a cup a day.

• If you want to use the tea for boosting your immune system & general maintenance, then you measure an eggcup full of the tea and dilute it with enough hot water to make half a cup. Drink every day.(at night)
• If you are going through a body detox, and want to purge the toxins out of your gut and body, then double that amount,drink at night,no food an hour before
• drink plenty of water because this helps to flush away the toxins
• It is the best tea for detoxing and immune system maintenance

Hi Karina, Thank you for your review! Please let me know of any other updates you have with this blend and hope to hear from you soon. : )

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204 reviews
Great tea

Great tea


Good flavour and great value

Thank you

Great service guys, many thanks

Thankyou Marina!
Lovely flavour

Lovely flavoured tea.
I really like the coffee taste alternative, but gave three stars for the fact it would be better in cup bags as I found it a little messy.

Hi Debra, apologies for that! If you do place another order please put 'tea bags' within the notes and I will provide you with some easy to use bags that you can cleanly place the chicory within using a small teaspoon. It's not necessary for 99% of teas here, but we're still thinking of providing some with each order just in case.
Awesome tea and service

I love this tea, it is so beautiful to look at especially with the colour change. The service is fantastic and would definitely recommend!

Thank you Anh, this one has been even more popular than we expected!