Melissa Tea

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Melissa Tea (Melissa officinalis) is also known as lemon balm and was dedicated to the goddess Diana by the Greeks 2000 years ago. Used as an anti-anxiety and stress relieving herb, whilst being studied scientists unexpectedly discovered that Lemon Balm also increases mental clarity. Placed over the lip, this herb can also dramatically reduce the severity and duration of cold sores and while drinking regularly can reduce the frequency of them. Can also help with sleeping issues, migraines, stabilizing mood.

There are actually many benefits to Lemon Balm tea, for the full list of benefits please see here.

Australian grown with love, from organic Australian suppliers.

Health Benefits

Lemon Balm is strong against...

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Cold Sores
  • Clarity of mind

How to brew Melissa Tea

  1. Infuse the leaves in the boiling water for up to 10 minutes.
  2. Strain and pour.
  3. Add honey or lemon juice to sweeten if preferred.

Melissa Tea Known Side Effects

Clinical trials generally report no adverse reactions.


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Customer Reviews

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Madu M M.M. Madu M.
Melissa Tea

Beautiful tea. Thank you!

Denis Mikhalkin D.M. Denis M.
4 star

Melissa Tea

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Great high quality hibiscus tea

Loved the service and quick response and delivery. The product was high quality and fresh. Definitely reorder again from tea life.

Hi Eun Joung, thank you for your review and do hope to see you again soon!
Turmeric tea

Very nice

Essiac tea in Australia

This is a fantastic version of the essiac tea that I have been purchasing from Canada. The only difference is that for the same amount Tea Life dri organic essiac tea, I can make double (2 1-litre bottles) the Canadian version with what I believe is the same potency.
Great product and quick and reliable delivery.
Will be back for more.

Hi Elsie - thanks for your amazing review, I was hoping someone would leave one like this! If you make another order please place which 40g tea you'd like in the 'notes' section and I'll include that for free. - Toby
Spearmint Tea

My order was super quick & just what I was looking for, had been so hard to find pure spearmint before!

Thank you BB, actually I'd agree with you there - I haven't seen pure spearmint around much myself either!
Very responsive and reliable

The tea was delivered quickly.
The communications were quick and reliable.

Hi Michela thanks for your review! In response to the tins suggestion, it's something we have thought about - but the cost difference is quite higher than what we're using now. We'd much prefer to keep the costs of our tea down as much as possible and not pass that packaging cost on to our customers! The other benefit of our packaging is that we can make it thin enough to offer the $2 shipping option (we're the only tea website in Australia able to do this or moreso - willing to risk it!). Which is great if you just wish to buy a 1-2 types of tea without having to pay high shipping costs.