You've probably seen them around. Ads for slimming tea, weight loss tea, "lose weight fast", presented to you on your web browser with flashing buttons coupled with before and after images of people miraculously gaining a six pack after drinking some weight loss tea.

With most things in life (and especially with weight loss), there really is no easy and fast way to lose weight. The cold hard truth is that with the way the human body works - nothing will make you lose fat/weight other than a caloric deficit.

Weight Loss Tea | Learn More About Herbal Tea And Weight Loss

Slimming and weight loss tea can only 'assist' the body in weight loss if you are coupling this with a healthy diet, and ideally some exercise too. How can tea assist? Mainly by acting as a diuretic (translation: peeing more).

The other factor is that if you're on a 'weight loss tea detox diet' then of course you're going to be eating less and thus activating the caloric deficit that will promote weight loss. This should not be attributed to the tea itself. It is only the body doing it's thing when you eat less calories than you're burning!


How useful is weight loss tea actually?

As mentioned above, it's a great tool to use along with the correct diet and a healthy lifestyle. Drinking ONLY weight loss tea is not a healthy lifestyle and if you do that you're going to find yourself on the toilet more often than not. We don't endorse this type of diet, as there are so many other less dangerous and healthier alternatives.

Weight Loss Tea | Learn More About Herbal Tea And Weight Loss

With weight loss tea you're getting diuretic effects, a slightly raised metabolism, anti-oxidants (always useful no matter what), and suppression of appetite. All of these effects, like many with herbal teas - are not immediate in your face next day 'wow I've lost weight' impacts.

Most herbal teas work over time and follow the rules and laws of nature. Natural remedies are often gradual but safer, stable, and longer lasting as the changes will normally occur at a more base level within the body and take time to show.

They have their time and place and we don't promote Herbal Tea as a wonder cure all method for all types of illness. That being said, we do believe that nearly everyone can expect some very reasonable and reliable quality of life improvements when drinking Herbal Tea of different types and for different purposes.

They're great, and at times amazing for a variety of uses such as stress reduction, aiding with sleep, the common cold, coughs, and even libido. These are backed up by recent studies and research whilst we're quite hard pressed to find many studies backing up the effects of weight loss tea with that tea being the sole reason for weight loss.

The body can be helped along and influenced in other areas, such as the ones mentioned above - but sadly, as evidenced by modern study, weight loss is something tea does not have a strong impact on if taken purely by itself with no other influence such as exercise and a change of diet.


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Christine Treweek

Christine Treweek

Great honest article. Well written. Much more honest than some of the false over-the-top claims some companies make about their products.

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